Chapter 4

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Zoey POV.
I can't believe this is actually happening. Here we are sitting in the police station being questioned by these stupid cops. These guys are complete idiots! Me and Alex are trying to convince the cops what we saw last night. "Look..I can't be any clearer than I'm crystal clear, it just stood up." Alex said. "It just stood up? Nice." The cop said sarcastically. "Ok. Fill her up girls. And no drippy drippy." The cops said handing up drug tests. It's official. This guy is a complete mindless idiot. "We aren't on drugs moron." I said glaring at him. He glared back and said "Then what's this I found in her pocket? Mojo. Is that kids are doing these days? A little bit of Mojo?" The cop asked. "This are our dogs pain pills." Alex said in a matter-of-fact tone. "You know...a Chihuahua." Dad said making hand gestures to show how big Mojo was. The cop sighed and place is hand on his forehead and moved his jacket to show his hostler holding his gun. I eyed his gun and he noticed "Whats that? You eyeballing my piece 50 cent?" He asked. "Yeah what you going to do about it?" I asked glaring. "Go ahead make something happen. Cause I promise you I will bust you up." He threatened making me smirk. "Are you sure you aren't on drugs? Mr. Druggie~" I asked smugly. Alex snorted and giggled "Mr. Druggie. Good one sis." She said making me smile. The cop glared at us as Dad looked at us annoyed. After we took the stupid and pointless drug test which we passed. Yay!! We walked all the home but I couldn't help but look at Alex and saw she was stiff and alert looking around once in a while. "What's wrong you look...worried?" I asked. "I feel as if though we're being watched and followed." Alex said hesitantly. It's true I have been feeling like someone was digging holes in the back of my head. "When we were at the police station, there was this cop car. For some reason it gave of a aura that said 'danger get away!' And I feel like it's watching us and our every movement." Alex explained as we neared the house. "I think you watch to much horror movies and Doctor Who. It must be getting to your brain." I said entering the house. "What about Bee? He just transformed into a giant robot around the height of 15 feet!" Alex questioned. Before I could reply and rev of an engine was heard and our car suddenly pulled up in the driveway. "Satan's Camaro is stalking us!" I said running outside with Alex behind me. "Why are we running?" Alex asked. "Because that car of ours is after us!" I replied. We ran down the street sidewalk. I dragged Alex into a place under a bridge were old cars were dropped off. We hid behind some cars as our car 'Bee' as my sister Alex named drove passed us. A cop car came and we got out of our hiding place. Before anything else happened the cop car transformed into a giant robot. Aw hell no! Not again! "Shit! Shit! Shit! Run Alex!" I said grabbing her wrist and started running away from the giant robot who chased after us. The robot caught up quickly and hit us with its hand making us fly in the air and land on a car. The robot's face came near ours and yelled "Are you username Dragongirl101?!" More like demanded. "Are you username Dragongirl101?!!" He asked again but louder. I cringed at his loud voice. "Y-yes.." Alex answered. "Where is EBay item 21153? Where are those glasses?!" The robot cop asked hitting his hand beside the car on the ground. "Let's go!" Alex yelled grabbing my hand and running off the car. The robot cop went after us but Alex bended the earth to make the robot cop trip and fall to the ground. We heard tired screeching and there was our car with doors open. "Get in!" Alex yelled getting into the driver seat. I hop in the passenger seat and Alex yelled "Go go go!"
Alex POV.
Bee shifted gears and took off. The robot transformed into the cop car and sped off after us. "Oh my god! Oh my god! We're gonna die!" Zoey said fearfully. "Faster Bee! Faster!" I yelled. I saw the cop car gaining on us and Bee went faster and crashed into a warehouse. We did a U turn and drove out. Bee backed up and locked all the doors. "We're locked in." I said. "At least we escaped that monster, right?" Zoey asked. We went silent as the cop car drove passed us and stopped. Bee turned on the engine and drove forward pass the cop. Bee stopped opening the doors making us fall out as he transformed. Me and Zoey stayed behind him as the cop car suddenly transformed and tackled Bee to the ground. A mini robot that was weird looking jumped out of the cops chest and landed on the ground in front of us. The mini robot let out a screech and ran at us. We dodge and ran away as fast as we could, the robot tackled me go the ground. "Get off you creepy thing!" I yelled kicking it in the face. I got up and ran but tripped and tumbled down the hill with the creepy robot. Where the hell is Zoey?! I tried fighting off the robot as it tried to eat my face? A razor sound came and Zoey cut the robot into pieces with a saw. "Get it! Get it! Get it!" I said. "Not so tough without a head are you?" Zoey asked kicking the head like a football. "Nice kick." I said. After the robot brawl was over, Bee came to us making his cannon into his hand. "What is he?" Zoey asked. "I don't know. I think he's an alien or something?" I said. We walked closer to him "Can you talk?" I asked. "-XM Satellite Radio--Digital cable brings you--Columbia Broadcasting System--" He talks through the radio. Cool. "You-You talk through the radio?" Zoey asked. "-Thank you-thank you--your welcome-your welcome-" Bee said clapping his hand pointing at Zoey. I chuckle and asked "What was that last night? What was that?" Bee pointed towards the sky saying through the radio "-Message from Starfleet-Captian--Throughout the inanimate vastness of space--Angels will rain down like visitors from heaven! Hallelujah!-" He transformed into his car mode and asked "-Any more questions you wanna ask?-" I look as Zoey. "He wants us to go in." I said. "And go where?" Zoey asked. "50 years from now when you look back at your life don't you wanna say you had guts to get in the car?" I asked getting into the driver seat. Zoey hopped into the passenger seat and Bee took off driving. At some time we were driving in a tunnel passing other cars. "You know what I don't get? Is that if he's supposed to be some kind of super advanced robot, why does he transform into a old Camaro?" Zoey asked. Did I just hear that right? Bee stops making us get out of the car. "Nice job Zoey! There goes our 4 thousand dollar car. He's really sensitive you know!" I said. We stood there till a loud engine was heard. A shiny new yellow 2011 Camaro with black racing stripes stopped in front of us. "What the...!" Zoey said amazed. My eyes widen and I immediately hopped into the driver seat. "Bee! Your one awesome car!" Zoey said getting into the shotgun seat. "What did you do?" I asked. "-New--upgrades-" Bee replied. We drove into a place where Bee pushed pass some gates and stopped. We got out and stood in front of Bee to see 4 comets flying through the sky. The 4 comets split up and crash into different areas. We followed the one that crashed near us. When we got their a pod looking then transformed into a giant robot before running off. We quickly head back to Bee and got in. Bee took us to a secluded but spacious alleyway. We got out as he stopped to see 4 different cars coming to us. The big one was a red and blue semi truck with flames, a green ambulance, a black pick up truck, and a silver Porsche. The big semi stopped in front of us and slowly transformed along with Bee and the others. And here we are, me and Zoey stood there with 5 giant transforming robots. Our minds were totally blown away.

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