Chapter 6

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***Kian's POV***

Maya and I had plans to hang out at the movies. Our plans didn't change but Sam was just alone and Aria had gone out with Cameron so we brought him along with us. We went and we watched A Million Ways To Die In The West and that movie was just hilarious! 

After the movie we went to Taco Bell and the one thing I love about Maya is that she offers to pay for the meal. Obviously I would never let her pay for me but its fun to watch her try to pay. 

Maya: "So what did you guys order?" 

Me: "Well I got the 5 taco special and Sam well I have no idea what the hell he's getting."

Sam:" Well for your information I got two orders of the chicken quesadilla's" 

Maya: "FATTY'S BOTH OF YOU" she said laughing 

Me: "Hey hey hey, if I get a diet drink will my girlfriend still think of me as a fatty?" 

Maya" "Well yeah" she said poking me

Sam:"You two are weird ha ha, while you are talking about diets i'm gonna stick with Maya's word and be a fatty and eat my way in life"

Me: "Dude that made no sense" 

Sam: "When do words that come out of my mouth ever make sense?"

We sat at tacobell for a good two hours then we head back to my place drooped Sam off and went over to Maya's house. Aria wasn't home and Maya's pool wasn't covered yet so I decided to jump in! Maya just stood there and looked at me with the biggest smile on her face. She came closer and I asked her to "help me up". She held out her hand and I pulled her in. I gave her a kiss under the water and then she swam back up to catch her breath. We swam around for a couple of hours we got out and changed into some dry clothes.

Maya put our clothes in the machine. She came back out to the pool and we sat on her hammock. She handed me an Arizona and started to snuggle. 

"I love you" I said to her giving her a kiss on the nose. She twitched. it was so cute 

"I love you too" she said kissing my cheak. 

We ended up falling asleep on her hammock. 

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