My first "rant"

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WARNING: The purpose of this rant isn't to gain your sympathy of me and and my family. Also, there aren't any curse words. Incase for some reason you thought there would be, there isn't. Idk. *shrug*

Here goes nothing: I don't live in a neighborhood and I don't live on a farm. I live on a road with about 25 houses on it and we're surrounded by farms.

So, that means we get sucky internet. We don't have dial-up luckily but it's almost as bad as that.

Especially because we can't watch ANY YouTube videos without going over our data plan limit. *gasp* That also includes vines. *gasp* And.............we can't have Netflix. *GASP* I know, I know. How do I survive? Sometimes, I wonder the same thing. Btw, my whole family has to share a 10 gig. data plan limit per month.

I really wanted to post a fan fiction about the magcon boys but truth is, I don't know enough about them. I wouldn't have enough information about them to write a whole fan fiction about them without disappointing their fans and wives. *wink* It wouldn't be fair to you magcon lovers.

If you still want me to try and write the fanfiction as best I can, please comment on this rant. It is either that, I just use their names in my story or I don't do it at all. It's up to you. Power to the people! (majority rules)

Anyways, my wifi sucks so much, that it will say it's connected, but when you're actually trying to do something, this stupid little i will pop up on the wifi sign. Basically saying, "nope! You don't have internet, sucker! We just fooled you! Now you are going to go back upstairs and try to fix it!"

So then you try and fix it. Repeatedly. Until you just give up and wallow in sadness of not having wifi. It sucks so MUCH!!!

Sometimes I just want to throw my iPod across the room or squeeze it to death until I realize it's not it's fault (and I don't want to waste a $300 iPod). That it's actually our stupid wifi's fault.

We've never lived in a neighborhood, and I highly doubt my parents will ever move to one. We used to live next to a big patch of woods, a farm, a cornfield AND power lines even ran through our yard and we still didn't have good wifi there. It was even worse than what we have now.

So in a way I'm thankful for my internet.

BUT I also hate it.

Sorry if this wasn't what you were expecting.

Don't think I'm ever going to do another one of these again...... I'll leave it to my best friend @mandygogo1 to rant about stuff.

Comment what you want for the magcon fan fiction outcome to be. Thanks! ♡♡♡

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