Chapter 2

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*One Week Later*

I'm currently at the airport about to get on my plane to go back to college. Why?!

My phone sounded signaling I just got a text. I took out my phone and read who it was from. It was Makenzie.

'Hey are you about to board the plane? - xXKenzieXx'

'Ya I'll arrive in about 2 hours. You gonna be there to pick me up? - Mady<3'

'You know it! See ya when you get here! :) - xXKenzieXx'

'Kk - Mady<3'

I turned off my phone and put it on airplane mode. This is going to be a very comfortable flight! Note the sarcasm.

*2 hours later*

That was the worst flight of my life! My seat was by the aisle and I was sitting by this annoying little kid that had to go to the bathroom every 2 seconds!

The flight attendant was also very rude. I ask for another cup of soda but she says no! Apparently I had to wait till more snacks come to get a refill. I don't think so! That is not how it works.

Ok, at least it's over I get to just go to my dorm and relax. I walk off the plane and look around for Makenzie.

It took me a couple minutes but she was by my flights baggage claim. why did I not come here first? I don't know.

"Hey Makenzie!" I say when I spot her.

"Mady! How was your break? I've missed you so much!" She says.

"Worst break of my life. I'll tell you about it when we get to the dorms."

She looks at me with a worried/curious expression. "Well I have to talk to you about something too." she says with a grin on her face

We started walking towards the car and when we got there I said "I don't want to have to go back to working on schoolwork 24/7" she just laughed at me.

Kenzie has straight blonde hair with green eyes. She always got the boys in high school but I didn't really mind. I'm really not the type of person that likes to date. I mean I've only ever had one boyfriend in my life and that was a few months ago.

I have the same exact hair style as Makenzie but I have dirty blonde hair. My eye color is green but my eyes are darker than hers. I'm more of a tomboy where as she is more of a girly girl.

People say we could be twins. We have been best friends since first grade so no wonder people say that. Some times we even say sentences at the exact same time which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

Other people though say it's creepy how alike we are. It's pretty funny actually.

We are almost to campus and are currently in the car jamming to Selena Gomez. Makenzie was currently dancing while driving like she always does but it is actually a safety hazard in my opinion.

She lets go of the steering wheel a lot and I think one day it's going to spin out of control but what do I know right? I have my drivers license but I've only driven a few times before.

Finally we arrive at campus and I get out of the car to grab my things. Gosh my bags are heavy. I made this ugly sound trying to lift my bag out of the car and onto the ground. God I am weak.

"Here let me help you," A boy said while laughing. That's just great first day back and I've already made someone start laughing at me.

He had his brown hair styled and hazel eyes. He was wearing a red flannel and black skinny jeans with black converse.

"Thanks," I say while backing away from the car so he can help me get my bags.

"No problem. The names Ethan," he said while holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you I'm Madison," I say back while shaking his hand.

"Just a question what did you put in those bags of yours?"

"Oh um well I packed everything I own except for my furniture" I say with a serious face. He just starts laughing more until he sees I'm not joking

"Oh you're serious?"

"Yes I'm serious" I say back while laughing a little. An awkward silence came on.

"Well I gotta go. I'll see you around sometime?"

"I guess. Bye bye." I wave

That wasn't weird at all. "Who was that?!" Kenzie asks

"Oh he was helping me get my bags out of the car. He said his name was Ethan."

"Well he was hot!"

"Ya well let's get to our dorms now."


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