I had been on watch for a few hours, I had killed around 20 biters today, the sound was really starting to draw them in. But my attention was draw away when I heard shouting coming from the street. I looked out the watch tower to see 2 men fighting. I quickly headed down the ladder. Onlookers just stood around them watching them, beat each other to death. As I got closer I recognised the men. 2 of the guards that patrolled the fence. Jacob and Steve.. I think that was his name. Jacob obviously has an advantage over Steve, towering over him with his height. I watched as he aimlessly hit Steve again and again. I threw myself in between them "Stop it! You'll kill him!" I shouted at Jacob. He pushed me away, sending me to the floor.
"That's the point" he shouted angrily at me, throwing another hard punch that knocked Steve to the floor.
"Stop!" I shouted again unable to get up, the pain in my back returned once again. Jacob took a step back before kicking Steve viciously in the ribs, and then again, and one more. Before Steve finally stopped struggling and his body grew still. I stood back. I watched as Jacob walked around his body to Steves head, I watched as he brought his foot down on his head and brains spluttered, erupting from his head.
"What's going on here?!" I heard Nathan shout, rushing over to the crowd.
I felt someone hold me under my armpits helping me up. They pulled up me to my feet. "Michonne are you okay?" Mia asked as I turned round to face her.
"Yeah. I'm fine" I said.
"We heard shouting. Amelia's looking after Andre in the kitchen" she said.
"Jacob killed Steve" I said. I watched as Nathan turned to face me. Jacob has stood far back from Steve's body.
"What did you say?" He asked me to repeat it.
"Jacob killed Steve, he beat him to death." I said. Nathan turned to face Jacob.
"I warned you the first time! I said no more!" Nathan shouted at him angrily. "And now its time for your justice" Nathan pulled the gun from his belt and aimed at Jacob's head. He fell to his knees, begging for his life.
"Kill him!" I heard a person shout from the crowd.
"He deserves it!" Another shouted.
"He killed that young boy and now Steve!" Another shouted.
I watched as Nathan looked down, then back up at Jacob. "You're just too far gone" he said Jacob, he took of the safety and shot Jacob in the forehead. The bullet letting out a loud bang as he body fell backwards. Blood pooled on the pavement.
"We don't allow murderers here! Let that be a lesson to all of you! We don't kill the living! Jacob was dead already" he sighed. His face filled with regret. I walked up beside Nathan and put my hand on his shoulder.
"You did the right thing" I said.
"I really hope so" he said.
I headed back over to Mia and she took my hand. I saw Mike looking over at me, he was patrolling the fence. I quickly looked away, heading back to the kitchens with Mia.

"Is your back okay?" Mia asked as she pulled me up a chair.
"Yeah, it'll be fine." I said. She called Amelia and Andre over. "You guys had a good day?" I asked. Andre nodded enthusiastically.
"It was great" Amelia smiled.
"We best be getting home, it'll be dark soon" I said. Mia helped me off the chair, putting my arm over her shoulders. "Thank you" I said, my back ceasing up in pain.
As we walked out the main hall I saw Amelia looking over at the bodies on the floor, they had been covered in a blankets, some men were digging graves outside the hall.
"Hey Andre wanna piggy back?" Amelia said, distracting his from the caus of the street, he nodded happily and she lifted him onto his back.
"Thank you" I said to Amelia. She smiled.
"Its no problem." She said.

Andre was asleep upstairs, me Mia and Amelia sat on the sofas talking. We were interupted by the sound of the front door swinging open. I guess this was the time to tell Mike about Amelia. I gritted my teeth as fear rose upside of me. He walked into the living room. His eyes automatically focusing on Amelia.
"Who the hell is this?" Mike said.
"Amelia go head upstairs and get some rest with Andre" I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. She nodded and quickly headed out the room and up the stairs.
"Have I gotta ask again?" Mike said spitefully.
"Her names Amelia, Nathan asked her if she could stay with us." I said.
"And you said yes?!" He raised his voice.
"She has no where else to go, no family. She's not in your way!" I argued back.
"Yeah well she better not, otherwise she's out of here, don't need no more useless women around here" he said.
"Harsh much" Mia said angrily, picking up on the insult.
"Keep out of it, if it was my choice you wouldn't be here either!" He shouted, before storming out the room. I lead my head fall to my hands. He was just getting worse...

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