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Cali's P.O.V
B-Ben w-what are we d-doing here? I say confused. he says just telling my mom I won't be home for dinner he says

happily. He then exits the car and leaves me in it, then he locks the car with his keys. Great another person in my past

trying to claim me as a hostage. As I realize I have no way out and anybody else has no way in I'm stuck as a hostage

until he decides to release me. 1 hour has passed and I realize that he still has not come out great by the time I get home

it probably going to be midnight at this rate it already 6 pm 4 hours to drive back to my house that's ...7....8...9....10 pm

great. Then I see him exit the house 1 hour and a half to talk to his mom. He unlocks the car, um I am going to miss

dinner now Ben I yell furious at him. He apologizes in a innocent voice. What were you doing in there that made you

stay in there 1 hour and a half I yell angrily like a mad woman. I'm sorry but I brought you some food that will hold you

over till we get back in town and we can eat at a restaurant. That's what you did I start to lower my voice realizing I

freaked out for nothing. He apologizes again I'm sorry that I scared you......again. It's fine can we not talk about the past

please no one knows about it but me and my mom and someone who freaked on me today after I told them. Why would

they freak he asked really calmly yet you see it in his eyes he is worried. Ben its josh we is best friends with one of my

best friends brother and we all got stuck in this house In the basement and it's just a mess. Why do you guys have to

follow me.....j-j-just leave me alone! I yell realizing I was crying. He starts to lean over to where I was sitting but I was

frozen because I relived I finally cried since that night. Then I look up and he kisses me. I pull away what are you doing

Ben. I'm sorry I don't know what hit me. You know what I will just walk home this is just too much for me Ben. No you

can't he then locks the doors so I can't get out. Be are you serious your going to hold me hostage. Well by the time you

get home walking it going to be 1am and in that time someone could really severely hurt you. I turn to Ben what like you

did I say angrily with tears streaming down my face. He puts his hand to my cheek I lean into his hand and realize

there's no use to fight or run away anymore if I keep doing what I'm doing there going to be no way out I'll be scared for

the rest of my life.

Ben's P.O.V

As I rest my hands on her cheek she starts to lean in my hand and I wipe away her tears I lean in and kiss her again I'm

so so sorry Cali I never meant for anything to happen to you and Evan now I still love you. I realize I made a big mistake

look I have grown up from before I say calmly with love in my heart. She looks up at me with those tear stained cheeks

and the red puffy eyes that I had seen 2 in my life once before in the past when I hurt her and now. She then opens her

mouth and says the biggest mistake in my life was trusting you and josh she says with hurt in her voice I felt a pang of

hurt hit my heart. Then she opens her mouth again and says but now I have to see consolers and psychiatrist since that

time and you know what I still have not gotten over what happened she starts screaming. The worst part of it all is you

broke my heart because someone younger than you told you to hurt me. I will always have feeling for you but that's

because you were my first everything I lied to you when I said I had a bf. She then fell in my shoulder and cried till she

fell asleep I then carried her to the backseat and covered her with a blanket and then drove off to town.

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