Who The H*** Is Tadashi?

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~~~ sigh. I feel like you narwhals are either going to love or hate this chappie. And I'm honestly nervous to find out which. Let me warn you now that this is going do deviate so far from the actual story line of the movie that while writing this part of me died. Also, I suck at writing fight scenes so sorry if this turns out like schist. Okay here we Go (Go)~~~

After learning that Tadashi and Callighan never meant to hurt anyone I can't say I was planning to go all out in this fight. That was before they decided to drop a boulder on us. I mean, of course it wasn't Tadashi, it couldn't be. But then why did the body shape look so familiar? I had seen Tadashi just last week the similarities in the build were uncanny. But why?!

"What's the plan?" Wasabi asked in a shaky voice.

"Get the mask." Fred grinned and flipped down the hood of his suit. "It's Fred time!" He shouted and took a bounding leap into the air . . . Only to be knocked away like a rag doll a mid air.

"Okay seriously." Wasabi looked between Honey and I. "What is the plan?"

Spitting out my gum, which I only did when things were really going to get serious mind you, I flipped down my face guard and set my jaw. "Go for the mask."

"I'm right behind you." Honey informed me as the disks attached to my feet began rolling faster and faster. Thank god I had spent a year mastering the art of roller blading, otherwise I'd be screwed.

But this wasn't just roller blading. This was roller blading to the 10th power. Not only was I going at twice the speed at least but I was also gliding vertically around the dome shaped room.

Shooting a disk at the masked man I watched him fall to the floor with a thud as I slowly lost momentum. I descended to the floor as well, using the curved walls as a ramp. The others all gathered around the body. How they all got down I had no clue.

The mask had slid across the floor after impact Hiro picked it up hesitantly. "It's over, Krei." He said with a shaking voice. Of course, he was only assuming it was Krei. The man's back was facing us and a hood had been pulled over his head so we couldn't see the hair.

Confidently, however false it was, I rolled the body over so that we could see their face. Only, it wasn't Krei. Nor was it Callighan. The face belonged to someone we all knew personally.

"Tadashi?" Hiro whispered.

Forcefully grabbing the masked from the floor he looked at us with cold, blank eyes.

"Who the hell is Tadashi?"

~~~ again, short chappie but I think I should get a pat on the back for it. Especially since this is the best fight scene I'd ever done... oh who am I kidding. That wasn't a fight scene. That was a sentence of GoGo throwing a disk and Tadshi fell. Still the closest thing to a fight scene I've ever written. Also, not very shockingly to anyone who knows me, I may or may not have watched the first half of BH6 illegally online. Oops. Jk. I totally meant to do it and I have no regrets. (Never let a court of law find this.) so if you couldn't tell this is a little bit of the winter soldier mixed in. I promise though this will be patriotic in no way. Stay Sparkly -- SparkleWolf ~~~

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