You move in

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You were hungry and went down stairs

You were half way down the stairs when you heard your mom and dad talking

"You can't just kick here out she's only 15 " my mom said

"So what I can do what I want "my dad said

You quickly went up stairs and locked your door then started packing everything important to you

When you were done packing you went down stairs with your bags

You kissed your mom good bye then when you got to your dad you went in for a hug buy instead you ninja kicked him in the chest which made him fly into the wall

You walked over to him and said " that's for all the crap you gave me in life " then you got your bags and ran all the way to the lair

When you got there you ran into Raphs arms crying

"Hey (yn) wants wrong " he said rubbing your back

" my ass of a dad just kicked me out can I stay here "  you said into his shoulder

"Yeah of course but first please stop crying "

"What me cry no ..there just sweating " you said wiping your face

"(Chuckles ) sure " he said with a smirk

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