Chapter 3

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"Hey do you guys want to come over for dinner tonight?" I asked Nash and Hayes as we walked to school. "Yeah! I don't think we are doing anything tonight so yeah probably." Hayes responded.
"Where did you go to school recently?" I asked hayes as we took our seats next to each other. "Oh, I went to a private school in the town I lived in." Hayes said. "Cool." I said trying to carry on the conversation while we were both doing our math homework. "Can you help me with this question?" He asked with a confused look I his face. " Sure." I said as I started explaining the problem. "You're supposed to divide the x by 69, not multiply." I said as a grin appeared on his face. "What?" I asked without realizing myself. "Haha 69." He said starting to laugh louder. "You're so immature." I said starting to laugh myself.
"Honey the Griers are here!" My mom called. "Okay I'll be down in a second." I said as I was scrolling through twitter. In the home section, I saw hayes' tweet that he posted 17 minutes ago. "Excited for tonight 😝" I smiled as I read the tweet. I walked down the stairs and greeted the Griers. "Hi I'm Angie nice to to meet you." I said as I shook Hayes' and Nash's mom's hand. "Hello, nice to meet you. please call me Elizabeth." I smiled back and nodded. "You kids can go sit on the couch or something while I finish making dinner, were having tacos." my mom told me. " Okay guys what shall we do?" I said as sat on the couch with Hayes and Nash following" as Elizabeth talked to my mom. "I don't care, it's your house." Nash answered. "Well I don't know do you want to play a game or something like the old days?" I asked. "Sure, do you have the game Headbands? I love that game." Hayes suggested. "Yeah, let me go get it." I said as I stood up and started to head up the stairs. I opened my closed and looked behind my clothes where the games are kept. I looked where I thought it would be, but nothing. I started to head downstairs as I said "Sorry guys I can't find it, want to play another game?" I asked. "Do you want to play truth or dare then?" Nash suggested "Uh oh." me and Hayes said in sinc as we both started laughing. "Okay." I said giving up. "Who wants to go first?" Nash asked. "I will!" I willingly said. "Nash, truth or dare?" "Obviously dare." Nash said giving me the 'duhh' look. "Okay Nash, I dare you to go jump in the pool outside." I dared. "But it's colddd!!!!" Nash complained as he went along and walked outside as I led him to my pool. Nash ran up to the pool and looked at me with a weird look on is face. "What?" I questioned as Nash motioned his hand for me to come to him. "What is that?" Nash said as he pointed into the pool as I continued to walk towards him. "I don't see anyth..." as all of a sudden I felt a hard push on my arm and the sudden blast of cold water surrounding my whole body. "What the heck was that for!! I hate you!" I said looking around as Nash continued to die laughing. "Now help me out!" I said as I started swimming towards the edge where Nash was standing. "Here." he said as he put out his hand to help me get up. "Thanks." I said when a grin appeared on my face as I pulled Nash into the water. "I should've saw that coming." Nash said still gasping for air. "Yeah it actually was pretty obvious." I said as I pused him then swam to the end. I pulled myself up and walked towards Hayes. "Wanna hug?" I asked hayes as I grinned. "No thanks." Hayes said laughing. "Oh come here!" I said as I started to chase Hayes. Hayes bolted into my backyard as I chased him. He is way faster than I am. "Oww!" I said loudly as I fell over and fake to twist my ankle. "Are you ok?" Hayes asked me as he quickly ran up with a concerned face. "Yeah just help me up." I said as I took my hand off my ankle and took his hand. I tackled him immediately as he fell on his butt having me follow onto of him. "Gotcha." I said quietly as I stared into his eyes. We slowly leaned forward and just our lips were about to touch, I snapped out of it. "Im sorry." I said as I blushed and stood up wiping the grass off of me. "Its ok." he said as we started to look into each others eyes again. "Dinner is ready!" My mom yelled to us. "Okay!" I said turning away from Hayes. "You coming?" I asked. He smiled and walked towards me.

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