Chapter 1 Closure

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Belles POV
I know I shouldn't be here.
He didn't deserve any of my pity.
But he was still my father...
I bent down and lay flowers on the cold stone, my umbrella protecting me from the pouring rain.
After everything he's done, I don't know why I'm here.
He didn't really care about me, why should i care about him?
I stared at the writing carved into the stone.
Most people have things like - 'husband' or 'father', but his, his is just Mo French.
Nothing more, nothing less.
I guess I do know why I'm here.
It's not quite a funeral, but it's my way of saying goodbye.
If I had tried organise a funeral I wouldn't know where to start. Where to hold it, who even to invite. Did he have friends?
I sighed.
I guess I'll never know.
This is it.
I jumped slightly as an arm wrapped around my shoulders.
I looked up.
I sighed in relief, cuddling into him, letting him take hold of the umbrella, sheltering us both.
He kissed me on the head and whispered,
"You don't have to stay any longer sweetheart...."
I sniffed and nodded. I know.
"Come've done all you should..." He kissed my head again.
He's right.
There nothing more I can do.
Goodbye Father.

Rumples POV
I carefully guided her to the car and we set off home.
What a strange turn of events.
Never would I ever have thought Mo would shoot himself.
It all happened very quickly. Belle bravely took my hand and we left, as soon as we were out of the door, a gunshot went off. In the blink of an eye Mo French is dead.
Belle crumpled immediately and I had to stop her from racing back in. She didn't need to see his body. I called Emma and her and the police took over the scene. At first Belle cried, but not for long as she realised he didn't deserve her tears. The whole time she was just asking if I was okay. Of course I was. This may sound harsh but, now there's no Mo to meddle in our relationship, in our lives.
Belle is saying she's okay, but she's not, which is understandable.
As we drive my hand is tightly holding hers.
She's holding it together at the moment but I think she won't be able to for much longer. And when she does, i will be there.
A few hour after we got home and settled again, I received a call from Emma.
"Hey Gold," she sighed.
"Ms Swan?" I replied.
"How is she?" Emma asked timidly.
"As fine as you'd expect," I looked over at her, cuddled up on the couch, waiting for me to join her again, her eyes focused on the television screen but her mind somewhere else.
"She's been through a lot...well I'm glad she seems to be holding up, that's all I wanted to say really uh, Henry sends his love...oh, and you?" She asks.
"And me what?" I don't really feel like talking right now.
"Are you okay? Mo held you captive for over a week?" She said.
"All is well with me now Belle is safe," I say into the phone.
Away from Mo, away from Scar.
"Good, well I'll, uh, bye then," but before she could put the phone down I cut her off.
"What's happened to Scar?"
"Scar?" She questioned.
"Yes," I say, with a hint of sarcasm.
"Um, isn't he not still in the asylum?" She sounded confused.
I breathed out right onto the phone.
"Mo wasn't the only one holding me captive..." I growled.
"Woah woah woah, what? Scar was there too?" Her voice raised.
"He was in the shop when Mo-"
I glanced at Belle before turning around and whispering into the phone.
"When Mo shot himself..."
"Well he wasn't when I got there!"
What? Where could he have gone? He can't just disappear into thin air?!
So he's still around, somewhere.
Not knowing where he is doesn't sit right with me.
Not knowing when he is going to pop up.
Belle is still in danger.
When he does come back from wherever he is hiding, he will be back for her, I'm sure of it.
I will do everything in my power to make sure she is safe.
Safe with me.

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