Im looking through my closet for a dress for the founders party tonight but I can't find anything but a black sparkly dress that ends at my mid thighs I shrug,grabbing the dress black heels I sat them down on my bed,I  wanted to get out the house so i decided that I'll just go to the Grill so I put jeans,a purple top with my leather jacket and my black heels on,I grab my phone and money and walk downstairs

"Alright mom I'm going to the Grill"I said,she nods I walk outside and into my car and drive off.

I park the car and walk into the Grill taking a sit "hey Grace what can I get you"Vicki says,

"Oh I'll have a sweet tea with grill cheese and fries"I said,she nods writing it down

"Alright"she says,she walks over to Tyler and his parents table,I pull my phone out my mom texted me saying once I'm done I need to get home its important Vicki comes back with my food,she sats it down

"Thanks Vick"I said smiling

"No problem Gracie"she says smiling,we laugh and she heads back to work.

After eating my food I head home,I walk into the house and walk half way up the stairs when my mom called me

"Yeah mom!"I yelled,I stop walk upstairs

"Kitchen"she yells,I groan and walk into the kitchen my mom and dad are sitting down at the table,I take a sit in front of them

"Hunny we have to tell you something"mom says,I nod

"Well we do have a coven of witches"dad says,I raise my eyebrow in confusion

"What?"I said dumbfounded

"Yes,the Gemini Coven"mom says,

"So the other night when I asked you,you hesitated to answer but you said no"I said angrily, mom sighs

"The Gemini Coven is known for its capability of remaining hidden and named Gemini because only twins can be leaders"mom explains,I groan

"Bonnie is a witch too"I said,mom nods

"A Bennett witch"dad says

"The Gemini coven has to protected the doppelgangers"mom says

"Doppelgangers?"I asks

"Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore are doppelgangers and the doppelgangers are meant to be together"dad says

"But back to the coven so to become a leader you have to be a twin?"I asks

"Yes but you can ask them when they get here"dad says,I look at my father

"What do you mean?"I asks

"They'll be here tomorrow and their going to teach you spells and more about the coven and remember they are family"mom says,I smile and run up to my room

Tomorrow I'm going to meet my coven of witches,I'm going to learn more about my culture I'm so excited,I run up to my room and start getting ready for tonight I leave my hair wavy,I start on my make up

First I put foundation on then I put a bit of brown eye shadow on and I did the smokey eye,I put pink lip stick on and a bit of blush to make my cheeks a rosy pink,I smile at myself. Bonnie called me and asked if I would be her date to the Founders party which I gladly accept so now Bonnie and I just arrive at the Lockwood's mansion we head over to the bar and order so alcohol and we drink away

"Bon Bon wanna dance?"I asks her,she laugh I grab her and and we walk to the dance floor and start dancing I felt tipsy

After dance we walked around trying to find Elena and Caroline but we had no luck,suddenly Elena walks over to us she looks sad yet angrily,I look at Bonnie and we follow Elena.

We sit down eating our ice cream "this is my fault. I planted doubt. I'm a doubt planter"Bonnie says guilty, I shoved some ice cream in my mouth I sobered up now so that's good

"Its not your fault I just.. I feel terrible because I said that I wouldn't get in the middle of it,and then that's exactly what I did. I got all snotty"Elena says making a face,Mrs. Lockwood walks over to us

"Elena,honey there you are. I notice the watch still isn't in the collection"she says

"Oh,um I'm sorry Mrs. Lockwood I um I couldn't find it. I guess its still packed up in my parents stuff somewhere"Elena says shrugging,Mrs. Lockwood looks disappointed

"I see well please let me know if you do find it"she says

"Ok"Elena says,Mrs. Lockwood nods and walks away

"You gave it back to Jermey didn't you?"Bonnie asks,she nods

After we finished eating our ice cream Elena went to go look for Stefan and Bonnie and I walked into the living room

"Look around what's missing? The flames, the candles why aren't they lit? There's matches in the kitchen"Mrs. Lockwood says walking out the room

"B****"Bonnie mumbles,I chuckle

Bonnie looks at a candle,shes trying to lit it but it turns away we start to leave but I turn around and see that all the candles have been lit up,I tap Bonnie she looks around wide eye I smirk at her reaction

"I know that your a witch Bonnie i went through the same thing your going through,just know that im here for you"I said,Bonnie looks at me confused

"How-"I cut her off

"Im a witch too"I said,she nods and hugs me,she lets go and looks at what she did I walk away from Bonnie so she can process what she just did, I walk around outside

"Don't! She took it off and I got flustered, okay?!! I didn't know what to say. But I swear okay? I did not tell her. I just told her that you didn't mean to hurt me"I head Caroline yell,I walk over to where I hear it come from there I saw Damon dragging Caroline out to the law,he goes behind her and wraps his arms around her waist I walk a little closer

"You make me crazy you know that? Its okay I forgive you"Damon says,I keel down

"I swear I didn't say-"he cuts her off

"Shh,shh,shh. Its okay. Unfortunately ... I am  so over you now"he says,he bites her neck she screams I grasp holding my hand to my mouth they both fall to the ground

"What the h***?"Damon says struggle to breath,coughing blood up

"You know I couldn't spike your drink... So I spiked her's"Stefan says walking up,suddenly they both disappear and Caroline wakes up she grabs the crystal thing I run over to her

"Caroline oh my god are you okay?"I asked worriedly

"Yeah I'm fine"she says,I grab her arm gently

"Caroline what happened?"I asked I know what happen I just want her to tell me

"I'm fine"she repeats,she starts shaking

"No. Your shaking Caroline what-"

"I'm fine!"she says a little louder

"Caroline come here come here"I said,hugging her she cries on my shoulder.


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