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A month later,

I did something stupid. I moved back into my old flat with Matthew. And the whole thing just repeated its self.

I decided to get away, before I got back into serious trouble. I left early in the morning, got a train into Brighton and began to head back to my brothers house. I had told them that I had moved into a different flat and that I needed some time alone but Matthew had won me over and I ended up getting back with him. But of course his anger issues had got the better of him and I had to leave. I didn't even tell my brother I was coming, it all happened so fast for me.

As I walked along the street toward my brothers house, I felt sick. I hadn't seen or spoken to anyone since I moved out other than Julia. I knew it was a bit early but Julia was a morning person so hopefully she'd be awake.

I heard a noise of a car next to me. I tilted my head and saw Matthew red in the face. He began shouting and swearing at me.

"You just left me! what do you think you are doing? I'm talking to you!"

"Get away from me!" I shouted back, walking a little faster.

"You can't leave me again!"

"Matthew please stop it!"

"Get here now!" he opened the car door. I screamed and ran up to my brothers house, Bandit running alongside me. I opened up the garden gate and looked behind me, Matthew was following me. I hammered on the door and began to shout at Matthew.

"Leave me alone!" I began to cry and Bandit began to bark. I hammered harder. I heard the door open and I ran in and grab hold of the person. I cried into their bare skin and I heard him shout.

"Leave otherwise I'll call the police," He closed the door and I saw Josh come down the stairs. I looked up to see Simon holding me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't of left..."

"Is that a bruise on your arm?" He held up my arm and Josh glared at us.

I looked up at him and I didn't know what to say, I didn't want them to see the others ones so I changed the subject.

"Can we try again?'

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