Chapter one The Beginning

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Life. Yeah, it can hard sometimes. But, than again it can be fun.
Sometimes I question a lot of things.
Like for example...why am I at school?
Why did she lie to me?
Who does she think she is?
Why is she so mean?
But, i wish I could tell my thoughts out loud. But than when you tell someone something bad about them...well, they throw a fit and that's where drama starts.
Hi. I'am Karla Lara. What I'am about to tell you is something that I never thought of doing. My drama, my crushes and much more. I don't wanna tell you everything because I want you to read and find out.
I'am a girl that's not afraid to tell what I feel. Someone saying something about me or someone saying something that I don't like. I'am my gonna just gonna sit there and let you keep talking. No. I'am gonna say something, because I have an opinion to. And you can't do anything about it because it's my opinion not yours. You know, I rather have you come talk bad about me TO ME. Instead of talking crap about me to your friends. I make YouTube videos I do something that I enjoy. Making other people laugh and smile. Some other people don't like my videos. Thinking that I'am jealous. Thinking that my videos are dumb.
But, why should I focus on that. I focus on the people that support me, that like my videos.

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