Chapter 4 - Weekend Woes

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Chapter 4 - Weekend Woes:

As I’m fairly sure you have already worked out, things don’t exactly go to plan for me; story of my life. Heck, even that one time I tried to use zit cream to get rid of a spot had left my face as red and bloated as Rafiki’s behind, so I mean I was pretty well used to things not quite going my way.

So, you can imagine my surprise when things started to go well, too well. Karma must have decided that I’d taken my fair share of run ins with Ben Fletcher to do me a lifetime and so it was great when I managed to stay out of his way for the two weeks following the hallway incident. I did still see him in history, but even then I felt like a member of the Navy Seals as I slid in and out of class practically unnoticed; I even managed to avoid the antagonising stare of Mr. Carter as I suffered through his crappy class. I had accepted my fate as bottom of the food chain in school and committed myself to studying while at home – only a few more months and I will be off to college, free of any future contact with Ben Fletcher.

But, like I said, things were going too well.

Arriving home school on a regular Friday afternoon, I was relieved that finally another week in that horrible school had come to an end. It had been a tough week, and if anything I should have taken it as indication that my luck was about to change, but no of course I hadn’t. To begin with, the one day that I actually decide to wear tights they have a hole that even Stephen Hawking would be proud of come lunchtime. Then on Wednesday, just for ‘fun’, I guess, princess posh, Sarah Lennon, chief cheerleader decided it would be pick on Samantha day, reducing me to tears on more than one occasion. That wouldn’t have even been that bad, I mean I was used to it, except this would have to be the one day I was late to history, only for my red eyes to be met with those glazed blue eyes of Bens, the only ‘contact’ we had had in weeks; typical.

Kicking off my shoes at the door, I stumble into the kitchen on the hunt for whatever type of food I could get my hands on; don’t judge, a girl has to keep up her strength. Yet, instead of filling my face with sugary treats, I instead found myself staring at my gleaming parents staring at me from the kitchen table.

“Samantha, darling, we have something we want to tell you” Dads announces, looking at Mom who can hardly contain her excitement. Oh god no, not again, she cannot be having another baby to terrorise me with. Why do they keep doing this to me? One troublesome tod was enough.
“No, you aren’t?” escapes my mouth before I even process the situation, looking with both delight and dread at my mother’s tummy, not even noticing any extra pounds. “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”
“Samantha, honey, no of course not!” My Mom replies defensively, self-consciously sucking in her already stick thin figure – I guess I got Dads genes. “We are going on vacation!”
“Vacation?” I question, making sure I heard them right, we are going on vacation?
“That’s right kiddo, you better hurry up and pack because…” Dads sentence trails off as he looks towards Mom
“Because we are leaving in twenty minutes!” They yell simultaneously, squealing like small children about to go to Disneyland. Wait we aren’t going to Disney land, are we?

“But…”  stumble over my words, attempting to make sense of the situation which is in front of me. I mean one moment I’m thinking that my Mom is pregnant, the next I’m being whisked away on some spare the moment holiday, something doesn’t feel quite right here. “…what will I bring? Where are we going? When will we be back?” I find questions tumble from my mouth before I truly engage my brain.
“Pack a bathing suit and some other clothes, we are only staying the weekend but we have a surprise in store for you!” Dad tells me.

“A surprise? Is this my Christmas present?” I groan, almost afraid that the answer will be yes and I will have to do without that new phone for yet another year.

“That’s right honey, we are going to Aqua Dream!” Aqua Dream was the name of the new waterpark that had just been opened around three hours away from my house; while it wasn’t Disneyland, I wasn’t going to complain, I’d seen the adverts and now I was going to be ‘living the dream’. Despite not being the strongest of swimmers, the slides, wave pools and fountains all made up for it, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

I zoom up the stairs as fast as lightening, bolting over the mountain of clothes outside my room, in an attempt to get ready for what could only be the best weekend of my life. Not only where my parents and I going on a vacation, Aunt Sheela had taken my troublemaking brother, Lee, for the weekend too. This is perfect, nothing can ruin my weekend now…

The thought no more than enters my head before I hear the intrusive ring of the doorbell throughout the house, echoing like a fog horn up the wooden staircase. As the door opens I can hear the distinctive chirpy tone of Emily’s voice flood my ears, what is she doing here, we are about to leave?
Fixing my auburn hair into a bun, I grabbed my bulging bag and stumbled down the stairs, plopping it at the front door before entering the kitchen. What met my eyes guessed my body to freeze up, my knees to lock and my eyes to wander.

Ben Fletcher was standing in the middle of my kitchen, accompanied not only by his mother, but an unmistakable suitcase full of clothes. This was not happening…

“Oh, Samantha, we almost forgot to tell you..”  my Mother informs me, while putting the last of her make up brushes into her bag, “The Fletcher’s are coming with us, it will be a inter-family extravaganza, plus you will have someone there to keep you company.”

‘Almost’ forgot to tell me? More like did forget to tell me. If I had of known that HE was going I would have faked illness and stayed at home all weekend, hell I would even have offered to babysit Lee. But no, my parents, being my parents, have decided it is a good idea to bring me away for the weekend with the one person I want to be as far away from as possible. Plus, keep me company? Please, Ben hasn’t spoken a single word to me since he got back, now I’m being forced to spend the weekend with him, kill me now.

Yes I’m angry, yes I’m confused, and yes I’m hurt that I have to go to the one place I’ve been longing to go to, with a guy who should be my best friend but is now my enemy. I don’t care about stupid Aqua Dream that much, and if it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t even be going. Judging by the facial expression on Bens face as he texts away on his phone, I can say that’s the only reason he ‘agreed’ to go on this stupid trip too.

Being forced to spend the weekend with a guy who can’t stand me, what’s the worst that can happen?

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