"Hey Liam" I join him to the walk to our first period. He smiled and looked at me "Hey Hannah"

Now I have nothing to say. Should I make small talk? Or walk in silence? The awkward silence was surely killing us both. It's pretty weird to be friends with your ex. I mean are we even friends? I'm pretty sure we are because if we weren't then we wouldn't be walking to first period together.

Mason came to the rescue.

"Okay." He said as he showed us a thick book."This is the one that I was telling you guys about."

"Good morning" I raised my eyebrows as Mason was flipping through pages, he mumbled a morning back to me as he continued the searching through the book.

"I got it from a rare book dealer in Germany, cost me two hundred bucks but it was totally worth it."

"You're still reading about this stuff?" Liam asked him with the look that made me know he wanted Mason to stop researching about it.

"I was attacked by an armor-plated giant wearing a bear skull." Mason said in a defensive tone. "It left an impression." Mason stopped at different pages, showing us the pictures. "Look, look have you ever seen anything like this?"He pointed to a picture of a berserker.I sighed deeply. Mason wasn't going to drop this anytime soon.

"Uh, no. Never" Liam answered automatically.

"And then there's this whole section about the Nagual. Have you ever heard of the name Tezcat- Tezcat-Te-" Mason struggled with the word and I decided to interject.

"Tezcatlipoca" I said as Mason looked at me and opened his mouth to say something but I spoke up quickly "No never heard of it."

I quickly walked past Mason and sent a small smile towards Liam as he looked at me. I sat down at a random chair as everyone else took a seat. Liam was the last one standing and the chair in front of me was empty. Liam cursed as he stood next the seat. I raised an eyebrow in suspison, thinking that he didn't want to sit in front of me but I saw him look at the girl next to him instead. She smirked as she blew a bubble of gum.

Mr. Yukimura frowned as he noticed that Liam was the only standing. "Liam, you're not going to just stand there, are you?"

"Maybe" Liam replied.

"The whole semester?"

"Maybe" He repeated.

"Liam have a seat" Mr. Yukimura said lastly. Liam hesitated but did as told. He sat back in his chair and sighed deeply in defeat. Liam turned to look at the girl next to him. Just to frown and lifted up his bottom, to reveal gum. I sucked in my lips to keep from laughing, I snorted and Liam looked back at me with a glare. I shrugged and then he looked back at the girl in disgust.

"Welcome to history 103"


I walked down the hall to my locker.

I noticed Liam talking to the same girl that stuck the gum to his pants. I know I shouldn't feel this way but jealousy was coursing through my body. I pursed my lips as I listened into the conversation.

"I'm not pissed off Liam" The girl closed her locker and turned to him "I'm vengeful" She turned around and walked away. Liam then hit his head on the locker, his pants covered his face. I was about to call out after him, but bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going" I said in a bitter tone as I turned to meet eyes with Theo. His books scattered the floor. "Oh, you" I said in a nicer tone.

He smiled a bit as he leaned down the pick up his books "You're a little harsh, aren't you?" He stacked some of his books. I leaned down and picked up some of his books and handed them to him.

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