Chapter 12

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I froze. I knew I couldn't go and see Calum and the boys. Id probably have a major melt down, at their feet. I slightly shoved Ellie.

"I'll see you later!" I said shoving her again, this time out the door.

I headed upstairs, without listening to a word she was saying and threw open my laptop. I typed in YouTube and sat cross legged. I heard the door slam. Ellie had left. But I need to remember, I can't loose her aswell.

YouTube loaded and I went straight to the search box.
Many of horror - Calum Hood

I wrote. My hands were shaking and I was close to tears again. The song started to play.

"I trust you all the same. I don't know why" is the lyrics that really stood out this time. Cals voice was amazing, and I wasn't gonna be able to go 10months without hearing it. I thought about them tickets. Should I go.. Or not? Maybe.

I rung Calum on Skype. He answered after 1 ring. 1 RING!! He must miss me.

"Omgod.. I thought I.. I thought we.. Omgod Hi!!" he smiled

"Hi" I smiled back.. But I didn't seem enthusiastic so I started a conversation, before he could notice.

"So where are you?" I asked

"England!" he beamed, he was definetely having a good time.

"I ur.. Well ellie showed me them tickets.. You want me to come?"

"Yeha.. Well only if you want. But itd give me time to apologise!" his eyes started to water

'heyfever!" I laughed.

Everything should be perfect in England. Let's just hope so. 
It was short again. But I want her trip to England to be a chapter on its own as it's a big part in the story, just like the previous chapter. Okay. Love yas x

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