Host: I have the results. The person the judges choose is ......


Host: Okay Okay. Here is the envelope. The winner is. Oh remember that the winner will get the job and the money.

Gabby: OH MY GOD. 

Host: I am just kidding. The winner is Gabby


Host: Congratulations Gabby

Gabby: Thank you.

I was so happy that I won. The money is going I help me in the future. Christmas is in 3 days. I have to buy presents. I am going to give a gift to my dad. When I got to the my parents house I saw my mom walking out the house with a suitcase. She just stared at me.

Gabby: What a pretty face

Mrs. Santos: Shut up.

Gabby: Whatever.

Mr. Santos: Hey Gabby.

Gabby: Daddy, what's wrong?

Mr. Santos: Its about our marriage.

Gabby: What happened

Mr. Santos: Your mother cheated on me.

Gabby: For how long.

Mr. Santos: Before you were born.

Gabby: What!? So I might not be your daughter. 

Mr. Santos: I know you aren't my daughter Gabby

Gabby: Then who is my dad?

Mr. Santos: I don't know, Gabby I need to tell you something.

Gabby: What is it?

Mr. Santos: Gabby, you are you are you are.

Gabby: Dad I am what.

Mr. Santos: You are a very pretty girl. You have to leave bye Gabby.

I knew my dad was hiding something and I needed to know what the secret is. So I didn't leave the house, I was just outside of the house. Does that count as leaving the house? Anyways I had baby pictures but it could have mean anything. I have no idea what the secret it can be. I entered the house without him knowing, I hear a knock on the door. I was hoping it was Justin. I really needed him right now. As I open the door it was my brother.

Thomas: Surprise. 

Gabby: Oh my god. Thomas, it's you.

Thomas: I told you I was going to come see right after I got out.

Gabby: You were supposed to serve 2 more years.

Thomas: I was suppose to but then they told me that I was innocent. There was a guy who looked liked me and then they arrested him.

Gabby: I am so happy.

Thomas: So am I. I can see the birth of my niece or nephew.

Gabby: Yeah. Do you know the secret dad is hiding. 

Thomas: No. I have been trying to figure it out. All I know is that mom isn't our mom.

Gabby: So it is also you?

Thomas: Yeah.

Gabby: What if we ask him?

Thomas: I don't think he will tell us right away

Gabby: Maybe he will.

Thomas: I already tried he won't spill.

Gabby: It must be big if he is hiding it from us.

Thomas: All we know is mom isn't our mom.

Gabby: And dad isn't our dad. Oh wait

Thomas: It can't be.

Gabby: We are.

Thomas: Adopted.

Gabby: I have seen pictures of mom holding when she was in the hospital.

Thomas: I know me too.

Gabby: I can't be adopted.

Thomas: Well you are.

Gabby: My whole life is a lie.

Thomas: We don't know for sure.

Gabby: We have to ask dad.

Thomas: But when?

Gabby: Now!

Thomas: Ok.

Since we were outside the door, we needed to open the door. I heard him talking and I could hear it nice and clear.

Mr. Santos: What am I going to do, she is going to find out the big secret that I have been hiding from her. My precious Gabby. If only she knew who her real parents are.

Gabby: Who are my real parents?

Mr. Santos: Ummm... I... Mean.....We.

Gabby: Tell me.

Thomas: Its better if you tell her, it's not good for the baby.

Mr. Santos: I would tell you if I knew.

Gabby: What are you saying?

Mr. Santos: I don't know who your real parents are because ................
I am so sorry I haven't been updating. It is so hard for me. I hope you like it and I am trying to make things for the holidays. I still need Christmas and New Years. Who do you think are her parents?

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