Chapter 22- Laser Tag

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I woke up to slight snoring near me and my head on someones chest... wait what? i tried to get out of the persons grasp but failed. When i looked up i saw Luke still peacefully sleeping and it all made sence. i mentally face-palmed myself before snuggling back into him. Hey dont judge, hes warm.

Luke begin to stir but still managed to keep his arms around me. Then i heard the source of my warmth speak.

"Morning babe, how did you sleep?" he said in the most amazing, raspy, morning voice.

"Good" i replied back, "how about you?"

"best sleep i've had in ages" he said, winking at me.

i felt myself blush so i burried my head into his chest.

"Aw babe i love seeing you blush dont hide" and when i looked back up he was smirking.

trying to forget about the latest incident i changed the subject "so what are we going to do today"

"Well our manager wants the boys back there as soon as possible so they have to go back in two days" i saw he wasnt happy about that and he wanted to spend more time with them but hell be back to his rockstar life soon.

oh my god i totally forgot. hes going to leave again soon. what am i going to do without him. i mean i just got him back into my life and its for nothing. the person i love cant leave. wait did i just say love, No that cant happen again with him. I need to keep my distance or this time when he leaves ill be broken beyond repair.

I look back up at him to see hes looking at me expectantly "Yeah whatever you just said im fine with it and i dont really care. we can do whatever" while i was talking i slowly slid off the bed and before i turned to leave the room i looked into his eyes and said "i have some stuff to do so im gunna change and head out for a bit. ill text you when im done and meet you guys wherever you are" and with that i left the room with those god awful thoughts running through my head.

*Lukes POV*

what the hell just happened? i mean one second shes blushing and then i when i started talking about the plans i noticed she zoned out. when i finished talking about how mikey wanted to go to the beach again and then lazer tag i saw she join the conversation again but she looked different, almost scared. what did i say? what did i do? and then she practically ran out of the room... i just dont understand her sometimes

i get out of bed, change and get ready to go out with the boys. when i finally reach the kitchen and walk in the loud chatter immediately stops and there are three people staring at me.

Ashton speaks first "What did you do man? we saw her storm down the stairs, said goodmorning and then practically ran out the door with her keys. i mean we were expecting to hear about how you kissed her when you woke up in the same bed but insted we see this"

i run my hand through my hair and then look over at them again "i dont know what happened, i told her you guys were leaving soon and then she asked what we were doing today and when i was answering she got this panicked look in her eye and then stormed out."

"that doesn't make any sence" replied calum with food stuffed in his mouth.

"i know, whatever its done now. can we head out" i say feeling a bit disappointed.

i hear a chorus of ok's and head out toward the car


The day was pretty fun but i missed Jess. i mean it would have been so much better with Jess.

"Luke your phone beeped!" i hear Ashton yell from the shore. yeah were still at the beach. i run towards them hoping its Jess but unfortunately its my mom

Hey Luke, i just got home and noticed jess was here all alone. she looks upset? did something happen that i dont know about?

Jess is home and she didn't call me? but, she said she would...

I immediately dial Jess's number but unfortunately no one answers. So shes going to ignore me... fine... ill just get a hold of her a different way. I dail someone who i know will always pick up when i call...

"Hey mom can you please put jess on the phone" Ha! lets see her get out of this one. she cant say no to my mom or she will get suspicious and jess will have to explain. In the middle of my thought i hear her voice come on the line.

"What do you want?"

"Well since your ignoring me for no reason you will have no choices on the matter i am about to explain. i dont know why your there all by yourself so me and the rest of the band are going to hop in the truck and come and get you so we can go to laser tag like Mikey asked. So go put on something comfey and we will pick you up in 20 minutes. oh and dont even think about leaving because you will break poor ole mikeys heart."

I hear the smile in her voice when she says "Yes mother" to me and then hangs up the line.


*Jess's Pov*

I couldnt say no to him. i could never say no to him. So i did exactly what he asked. I threw on a pair of leggings, a bandeau and a white shirt that was knit and see through and then waited by the door for their truck to pull up. Once i saw Luke and his bandmates pull up in the pickup truck i new it was time. I ran out the door and hopped in the passenger side before you could even say 'Laser tag'

"Nice to see i didnt have to drag you out of the house" luke said smirking at me.

"Yeah, just start the truck and lets go" i replied smiling.

i could practically feel the stares at us from the back of the truck but i ignored them.


"Ha I beat you all again!!!!" i said doing a happy dance around the lobby of the laser tag place.

"Yeah whatever" Luke said smiling at me.

All the boys were pretty upset because weve played 6 rounds and ive won each one. GO ME! The only one whos not mad is Luke because i keep doing my stupidly funny dance moves all around the lobby everytime i win.

"Alright this is getting old...lets go home" Ashton says from somewhere in the room.

I run up infront of him "But its soooooooo much fun"

"c'mon lets go jess, i think youve proved your point that your the best" Luke says from beside me and with that we are heading twards the truck.


*Lukes POV*

A week has gone by and the boys are long gone. Everyone can feel the little bits of saddness creeping into the house because of the fact that we will not all be togeter by the end of this week.

Today is packing day and we are leaving in two days. I cant believe its over. Just when Jess started to warm up to me again she will be gone. Just like the first time I left.

But i love her too much this time to let her go without telling her. i need to tell her before its too late.


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