Chapter One

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My name is Kayde and I am in 9th Grade right now. I have a dog called Jewels and I live in New York City. I basically lived here for my whole life and I go to New York City High. I love playing Football (American) and I am also pretty good with my studies.

After I came back from school I overheard my parents yelling at each other, fighting about spending so much money without even thinking. My Dad kept insisting about trying to save more money since last month and that’s when I started to suspect something was happening. But I wasn't sure enough about where they were going with this. So I asked my Mom after their argument about what was happening right now between them. She barely even looked at me and just walked away. I asked my Dad and had the same result. 

So I just stopped trying to find out what they were up to and just walked away and continued with life. 

Something turned to be very weird, after I got back from Football practice, I noticed a few things missing from the house. Our zebra lamp, one of the tables and a few other things were missing. I also saw that there were many boxed lying around. I had a feeling that maybe we were going to move somewhere else but I wasn’t too sure about this because my parents love this place and so do I, so it really could not be that. But I asked them anyway and they still ignored me.

I tried so hard to get something out of them but they kept on ignoring me. But after a week, there had been even more changes to the house. There were so many things missing, it was so weird. But then Mom and Dad came out of their room one day and they looked very strange, with their tearstained faces, like they just cried. They came out to me and my Dad said:

"Son we need to talk."

I just stood there and nodded.

"We love you so much son but we have made the decision of having to go and live somewhere else. We’re not going to be in New York anymore." said Mom.

I just looked at them said “Why do we have to move? We’ve been living here for so long.”

They looked at me and just said:

"We have recently been spending so much money and we think that we can’t earn it back, even from work. Also the company that your Dad works for is saying that we have to move because of his job. They said that we are moving all the way to Boston."

Once I heard that, I felt surprised and also very angry. My whole life was here in New York. I will have to leave all of my friends and everything that I have done. All the memories just left here. 

I started to walk away, about to burst into tears and they just shouted to me, saying that this will be good for all of us. This change.

So after a few weeks they started to actually pack everything into lots of boxes, and then we just had to leave. It took 5 hours to get to Boston and we had basically restart all over again. 

After a few weeks my parents got me into another school, but I didn't really care about school anymore, I had no friends and all of the fun stuff was left back in New York. I felt so lonely and like a nobody. I don't belong here.

I woke up for school, ate breakfast, got changed and walked to school. When I got there everyone looked at me like I had a disease. I guess this usually happens since I am the Newbie. When I got to class no one sat next to me at all. They all went onto other tables. So basically no one really liked me here. But when it came to recess I asked a few people if I could play some football, this time they actually let me. So we started to play and I was the one that would usually score the touch down. 

Since then everything started to become a little bit better and people started to talk to me and also started to like me. 

But at home I was the only one there most of the time because now, my mom found a job and she started to work, so I was usually the only one at the house with Jewels. 

So after a few weeks, getting settled in being in the new house and school, I found something weird that happened. When I got back from school, Jewels was lying on the floor without moving a single bit, so I just thought that he was sleeping, maybe having a nap. So instead of just letting him lie on the floor, I picked him up and brought him to the couch. But I found something wrong. He didn't wake up for 4 hours so I tried to wake him up and he didn't respond. 

Jewels died and there was nothing that I could have done to try and help him, to try to save him. Now every day I think about him, about what I could have done to help him. I felt so bad, I cried almost every day. Since then nothing was going good, everything was going down the drain. My grades went bad, my life sucks and nothing is working well for me.


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