Chapter five

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Hayes had actually messaged me on facebook, i didn't even know him we had just spoke briefly at break.

The message read "hey olivia"

i had already opened the message and i knew he would know so i had to reply

"hey hayes" i typed

"how are you?" he asked

"im good but i was just about to go to sleep lol"

"oh sorry olivia, goodnight"

i didnt answer and i must've driffed off to sleep

I woke up the next morning and got ready for school, i had a quick shower and brushed my teeth.

I wore a plain white tank top with high waisted black shorts and my white converse, i picked up my bag and gym kit and left for school.

I got to school and Sophie was waiting for me at the gate, smiling.

We said "hi" to each other and walked into class together.

Hayes was in the classroom with his friends and he started approached us.

"hey, whats up?" hayes asked us

"nothing much just catching up on some work waiting for the bell to ring, i forgot to ask, how was the game yesterday"

"oh it was great we won!" he explaimed proudly

Hayes was super proud of his team at davidson day they'd done so well and i got told they always won.

"uhm" he stuttered a bit wanting to say something.

sophie looked up at him from her desk and smiled, she knew what she wanted him to ask

"i was just wondering i-"

hayes was cut off by the bell and he had to get to his class.

"um, ill talk to you both later i gotta go, meet me outside on the bench at break ill see you then".

Classes flew by, first we had algrbra class, and then science class.

As break approached i could tell by sophies face she was getting more excited to see him and be able to find out what he wanted to ask.

The bell rang which signaled break time. Me and Sophie quickly grabbed our bags and went outside and waited at the bench like hayes had said to do so.

after about 5 minutes i could tell sophie was getting anxious. where was hayes? he said hed meet us here and he hasnt shown.

after about 10 minutes In the distance, on the field i could see hayes he was with another boy who was a little taller than hayes. i'd never seen him before, i didnt know who he was and i didnt know if sophie knew him either.

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