Chapter 6

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Korra let her eyes flutter open as the sunlight from the window started casting early morning shadows on Asamiʻs room. She deep sighed and began stretching only to feel a slight resistance. She looked to her side and saw the beautiful heiress snuggling close to her with her arms around Korra's waist. The bender couldn't help but smile as she gazed upon her beauty. So peaceful. Its rare to see the busy heiress so peaceful.

She looked up at the clock that was sitting on Asami's desk. It was only 7:48. They still had a little over an hour till they had to get up and get ready for the wedding. Korra contemplated staying cuddled with Asami until then but her stomach and bladder had other ideas. As the avatar tried to get out of the bed without disturbing the sleeping beauty she felt a hand grab her wrist.

"Hey, where are you going?" Asami asked sleepily with a hint of saddness in her voice. "Hey. Good morning sleepy head. Uhm i-i just really have to. . .uhm go to the bathroom." She said as she rubbed her neck nervously. She twisted her back and it made a loud crackling sound that made Asami cringe. "Geez Ko-" *crack, crack, crack* Korra had begun to fully stretch which resulted in multiple cracking and popping noises.

Asami just sat there wide eyed with a massive grimace on her face. "What?!" Korra said with a chuckle as she saw Asami looking at her with a weird expression. "Nothing. . .just, ew! Doesn't that hurt?" "Nah, it hurts when I don't do it. . .I'm getting hungry and have to pee. Go back to sleep." She said to the older woman.

"No, i'll meet you down in the kitchen." . . .

"No, you don't have to. I can go scrounge up something. You should get more rest. There's still an hour before you have to wake up. And after putting up with me last night and early this morning, you could use all the rest you can get." Korra said as she gazed into Asamis eyes. The heiress just rolled over on her back and groaned. "Yeah I guess." She heard Korra chuckle and felt her get off the bed. Asami looked over at the muscular young woman as she tried to fix the bed where she slept, letting her eyes roam her half naked body. She let out a small gasp as the avatar fully stood up. The bulge in her pants seemed to have grown even larger than yesterday. Asami licked her lips as she let her mind wander and started fantasizing about being with the young avatar on a more. . .intimate level.

Korra had already walked to the bathroom, her face adorned with a bright red blush as she remembers catching Asami eyeing up her member just a few minutes ago. She splashed her face with water and decided that she should probably take a shower to try and calm her and her very hardened member down.

Korra stood there letting the warm water fall over her toned body. She couldn't stop her mind from wandering back to the raven haired beauty that was absolutely amazing. She helped me so much last night. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't been there. Korra looked down at her scar, remembering every horrible detail of that nightmare. How could it all have been so real?


Asami creeped up to the door, she had a fresh change of clothes for the bender. She listened for a moment to see if she was still in the shower. She furrowed her eyebrows and listened. She could hear something, but she wasn't sure what it was. Was Korra. . .singing? It was faint, but she could hear it. The avatar wasn't half bad. Actually, she had a beautiful voice. . .Asami stood there listening, she had never heard this tune before, but it was beautiful.

"Her eyes shine like a million emeralds,
Her smile lights up my world like a thousand suns,
I know in my heart that she is the one,

Dear Asami,
Mary me, mary me.
Make my world complete and marry me."

Asami continued to stand there, frozen. A layer of bright red blush appearing on her cheeks as she heard the avatar sing. She continued to listen as she heard the young girl sigh. "Who am I kidding? Asami could never love such a weak person like me." . . . Her jaw dropped open and a small wave of rage enveloped the heiress as she stood there in disbelief as she heard the avatars words. What the hell was she talking about?! Asami reached out to grab the door handle and slam it open, but thought otherwise. She didn't know how well Korra would take it when she found out she'd been eavesdropping.

She heard the water turn off and hurriedly went back to her room forgetting the pile of clothes in her hands.

"SAMI!! I need a towel!" The avatar yelled from the bathroom a few minutes later. She heard the heiress walking down the hallway and hid behind the door as she got closer, sticking her hand out to grab it, but nothing touched her hand. She peeked out from the behind the door and saw Asami standing there with the towel hanging over her hand with her other hand folded across her chest while making that sexy smirk Korra loved so much. Korra's faced lit up with a layer of blush as she stood there naked in front of the heiress. The only thing between them was the door.

"C'mon Sami. Can I have it please? I'm getting cold. And I need to go grab my clothes." We're gonna be late ya'know!" Korra said trying to hide her nervousness, but failed completely. Asami let out a small laugh as she walked up to the door and held the towel out. Korra reached out to grab it quickly but Asami held on as the avatar pulled her closer.

Their faces were about 2 inches apart and Korra could feel Asamis breath on her lips. She looked down and stepped back not daring to look up because she could feel the intense blush that now covered her entire face. Asami lifted Korras chin so they were face to face. She had a longing in her eyes. You have no idea how much I love you Korra. . .

She then took a step back and let go of the towel. "Go dry off. I'll get your clothes ready in the room." She said before walking off and leaving a very stunned avatar standing in the doorway.

Korra internally facepalmed herself at lease a dozen times after she closed the door and dried off. Dammit! So close. . .so so close! Ugh! You should've just kissed her you dummy. Korra just shook her head and wrapped the towel around herself but quickly realized she was gonna have issues walking to the room because she had massive hardon. Wonderful! She thought. "Well. . . I hope Asami isn't in the room when I get there." She said to herself and opened the door and headed down the hallway.

She listened at the door for a second and opened it. She let out a loud gasp as Asami was standing with her back to the door in only her lingerie panty. Asami turned around quickly, her eyes wide and her arms wrapped around her chest. She let out a relieved sigh. "Geez Korra, don't scare me like that. I thought it was someone else. Uhm. . do you think you could close the door?" She said with a chuckle but Korra was just standing there. She gulped loudly amd felt her member throbbing. Shit! She's stunning. What I would do to you Ms. Sato. She thought. Her mouth hanging open slightly. Asami shook her head and walked over to Korra. She pulled her into the room and closed the door.

"Be careful Korra, if you leave your mouth open any longer you're gonna catch flies!" She said with a giggle and went back to getting her clothes. Korra closed her mouth and shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She was shocked that Asami was so immodest and walked around freely without clothes. Then again this was her room. Korra quickly went to the pile of clothes on the bed and picked through it to see what she was going to wear.

She wrapped the towel around her waist trying to contain her member and started getting dressed. Asami gasped when she looked over at Korra. It took every ounce of her will power not to attack the girl.

Goddamit! Can you please just be mine already? Asami and Korra both thought to themselves.

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