Chapter 4

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Me and Squid decided to play an adventure map called Notch's Cavern. It was kinda odd, though. it had like His face in there but all multicolored with prices of wool.. I dunno , I guess that's what the map was for.

I looked to squid before we started as he was setting up face cam. I don't show my face to YouTube, 1. I don't like people stalking me and 2. I don't like being invaded while walking down the streets, so I decided no facecam.

I stared at him for a while. I guessed he noticed me because he looked up at me and smiled. I blushed and turned away, acting like I was working too.

"Oh yeah, screws and bullets,working stuff, blah blah" I say. He laughed. "Hard work ain't it?"

"I'm used to it, I guess you are too".

I smiled aswell. Soon after that, we started.

"Ready?" he asks.


He cleared his throat. "HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO everybody my name is squid (I think that is his intro lol) and today we are playing an adventure map called Notch's Cavern with CreepersSizzle!!"

"Hi!". I say sweetly.

We finished the recording and squid edited it, i insisted but he let me go get food. So I was okay.

While I was walking downstairs I heard a knock.

"Who is it?" Yelled squid.

Soon after, StampyLongHead came in with Starbucks. "Ive got Coffee!"

"Ooh Starbucks!" I said. Squid came into the hallway I was standing in. "How did you get in, mate?" He asked. he laughed.

"You left your door open". I laughed.

"That's stupid". I muttered, still laughing. squid playfully punched me in the arm "ouch" I say.

We make our way downstairs and sit down with our coffee. We all sit on the couch. "So squid.." Stampy says. "How is.. your "girlfriend" doing?" Stampy said smiling. I blushed a little, but I don't think anyone noticed me. "DONT YOU DARE MR. CAT" I yell at him.

"Woah sorry". he laughed. "I thought you would like it".

I didn't reply. i just dipped my coffee.

"Sooo." squid says breaking the silence. "Stampy, why'd you come over?"

"Oh that reminds me". Stampy said. He stood up. "I just stopped by to see how you lovebirds are doing". He went to the door. "Won't be anymore trouble. Anyways, I have a.. umm... go to.."

We both laughed. "Mr.Cat's got a secret". I say, nudging squid in the arm, ya know, giving him the message. he chuckles. "Alright see you guys later".

We all say goodbye and it was just me and squid. We sit in silence, sipping our coffees.

"Ya know". Squid said. "What...what would you say.. if ..if you did me". He asked. I Froze.

"I dunno, I'm not your girlfriend. don't you have one?"

"No". he said.

"Oh". I say.

More silence.

"Ok, listen, Skye.. I .. I have to ask you something". Said Squid, sitting up and holding my free hand.

"What?" I say eagerly.

Squid replies soon after.

"Will you-"


I'm mean.

just read on to see what he asks!!

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