We just got off the plane.

I can't wait to go back on tour but I need time off to talk to Naveah.

Whenever I'm there she never talks to me and I just want to go back to the way we were.

" So what's the suprise" Nash asked.

"Just wait" I said.

All of the guys groaned.

I laughed. "Hey jack when is you mom picking us up." I asked.

"JACK" his mom yelled all the way on the other side of the airport.

"I guess that answers you question." He said.

They hugged and Mrs. Johnson started crying.

"Momm stop" jack j said. "I'm sorry" She said.

I didn't live that far from the airport so it only took like 10 minutes.

I opened the front door and smelt food.

Naveahs P.O.V.

I had just finished making dinner for all of the boys until I heard some voices.

Uh oh. That must be jack and his friends.

I took a deep breath and walked out the kitchen to see 9 guys and they were hot asf.

But only the guy with the bluest eyes and a guy with a bandana looked really hot.

"You didn't say you had a girlfriend." an Asian guy said.

Me and jack looked at each other and gagged.

After we were done we did the dafuq face.

"That bitch over there is my brother." I said and they laughed.

I heard a lot of "I call dibs".

I wrapped my arms around blue eyes and bandana boy and said "I call dibs on these two." They both smirked.

"Ugh thats not happening." Jack said

"And your not the boss of me." I said.

We both had a glaring contest until someone interrupted.

"Sorry to interrupt but who is cooking food because it smells BOMB." a guy that looks like justin bieber says.


" WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS SAY THAT MY NAME IS MATT" He yelled I laughed and said "Me"

"Damn" they all said.

I blushed.

"Just because we laughed together doesn't mean I'm gonna talk to you." I said harshly.

"Oh come on you still hate me for that." Jack said.

I ignored him and walked into the kitchen while they went to his room.

Even though I"m not talking to him I really miss him.


Jack J busted through the door and srarted yelling in joy.

"Wtf" jack g and I said.

"We got invited to magcon." Jack J said

I was really confused on what magcon was so I asked.

" We get to go on tour to perform and see our fans." Jack said.

"Really thats so cool." I said.

"How long." I continued.

"For the whole summer" he said.

My smile faded . I could barely last without my brother for a day let alone 3 months.

Next Day~

"I'll text you everyday and facetime." Jack said.

"Me too" Jack J said.

We all did a group hug and then they left.

I always talked to Jack J during the tour.

"But not a single text from my own brother.

Flashback over~

A tear slid down my cheek but I quickly wiped it away because they were coming back down stairs.

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