Stay With You

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The next morning was Thanksgiving and I was so confused about everything that happened yesterday. Like he really wants his daughter to live here... I don't want to get attached to the little girl because that's not my baby. I woke up before them and went downstairs to put the final touches on the food.

I invited some of my friends and some of BJs friends to come over and have dinner. I wanted him to feel welcome. After I finished the last of the dinner, I put it in the oven so it could stay warm. I had to run to the post office so I could mail the check for my brother's commissary.

After the errand I had to run I came back home so that I could grt ready. I took out some little appetizers I made to keep everyone satisfied until dinner. I decided to go change into my blue and pink hoody, grey joggers and pink boots, I didn't care how I looked that much, I mean we are at my house. Just as I was finishing putting on my lip gloss, i heard the doorbell ring. I ran downstairs and saw it was some of my friends. I opened the door and we instantly started hugging each other and starting up conversations. 

Once my friends got settled in, I turned on some music and we sat in the living room and chilled. We laughed and talked and finally one of me best friends Alaeda said, "Sooo, wheres' BJ... why is he being so anti-social?", I know she said it kind of loud so maybe he could hear it. But I'm sure he didn't his room is too far away. "Shhhhh... girl he upstairs, his daughter has been staying here for a couple of days so I guess they up there bonding or something... I just give them their space.", I said reassuring her everything was okay. Alaeda was always ready to start some shit. She'd do anything to protect me. I just wish Talia was here, then my thanksgiving would be complete. 

Suddenly I saw the door open and there stood BJ and his daughter Kennedy. She was hanging onto his neck like she was scared. My friends aren't really the awkward type so they started speaking to him and telling him how cute his daughter was. There were some of my guy friends there too so of course they were gonna make BJ feel welcome. There was also some of Khalils friends there too. So eventually all the men went upstairs to the game room. Kennedy took a liking to Alaeda, so she sat on her lap while BJ and the guys went upstairs. I was surprised at how quiet she was. She just sat there and played with Alaedas pearl necklace. 

Finally once all of BJ's friends came too, it was time to eat. We stood around the table and said a prayer and then we made a toast to thanksgiving. Suddenly I noticed that BJ and Alaeda got up at the same time. They went in different directions but it was just weird to me. I decided to brush it off and continue being a good hostess. 


Man I swear to God Azurae got a sexy ass friend. Me and her were making eye signals the whole time and finally I told her to meet me in the bathroom downstairs in the back hallway. There are two bathrooms down here so we went to the one that you can't find as easily. I mean, I know I started a little something with Azurae but she's been distant with me ever since I brought Kennedy home. And I noticed how Kennedy likes Alaeda a lot, so I thought, "why the fuck not try it. We took two separate hallways because we both knew the house pretty well. Either way we ended up at the same place. Once we got in the bathroom, we instantly started kissing all over each other, when I stuck my hand up her dress and noticed that she was already wet. Happy Thanksgiving to me. I lifted her dress up all the way and bent her over the sink. I was about to have fun with this! 

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