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I saw them attack Eve, all of my anger started to boil. I attacked, I tried to get to her but I couldn't they were cutting me off from her. They made me go deep into the woods. I growled at them, and they all attacked me. I scared some of them off. I remember fighting them off, and then blacking out...

I awoke deep in the woods. I ran back to where the wagon was, but it was now gone. I sniffed around, and finally I caught their scent. I followed their scent down the trail, it was getting darker and darker. I looked up and saw the glow of a fire.

I hoped it was them, I ran to the glow with all my strength. But then it disappeared, and I realized they were packing up for some reason. I now ran faster, I heard the horses. I then saw Jack about to climb up onto the the wagon. I huffed at him and he heard me.

He smiled and then it went into something else, sadness. I changed back into myself, my clothes were all sweaty and covered with blood.

"I'm so glad I found you guys. Where is Eve?" I asked looking around.

"That's the problem." He said, opening the flap to look into the wagon.

I saw her laying down, blood was everywhere on her. She was groaning, Eric was beside her trying to get to calm down.

I climbed in and kneeled down beside him. "Brother, what happened?" I asked.

"She saved Jack and I, but she wouldn't let us take care of her. Eve was just walking a couple of minutes ago. I tried to help her... She knew what was wrong with her this whole time, but she wouldn't let us help. For some reason she isn't healing right. We need to get her to the castle, to the healers." He told me and he then climbed up to the bench.

We made our way to the castle. I picked her up and held her in my lap, cuddling her. When I did she calmed down and she started to heal.

"What?" I gasped, "She knows that you are safe, and knows we aren't in danger." Jack said to me. I looked down at her sleeping, freckled face. I sighed, we were safe and now heading home.

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