'Are you ready?" Zayn asks.

"Yeah, how will you sneak me through the corridors. Aren't there teachers everywhere?" I say looking around.

"So?" He grabs my hand and leads me down the corridor. We dodge almost every teacher, as the corridor was filled with sweaty, half-naked boys. I didn't mind, don't tell Zayn. Of course Zayn's dorm had to be right at the end. We walk in and see four boys. Louis is one, i have no clue who the others are.

"Guys i said get out i had company."  Zayn says glaring daggers at the boys.

"Mate we are going now." The curly haired dude said.

The boys leave and we are left alone. This is  so awkward. 

"What are we going to to?" Zayn doesn't reply he holds up two bottles of Vodka and Jack Daniels. What the fuck. They are so strong.

"Get pissed." he smirks.

About half hour later i think i'm completely smashed. I have drank the whole bottle of Volka and hal of the Jack Daniels. Leaving the other half to Zayn. 

"have i told you that you look like a sex god?" I slur. He shakes his head. He moves closer and our faces are inches apart. Our lips almost touch. I whisper against his lips. "I hear you are a player, so lets play a game." I pull back and he nods his head.

"i did this back in America and it was really funny." I  chuckle to myself remembering Teddy. He was so clingy.

"Lets sweet talk,lets play fight, lets talk 24/7,lets tell each other good night and morning every day, lets take walks together, lets give each other nicknames, lets hang out with each others friends, lets go on dates, lets talk on the phone all night long, lets hold each other and kiss and hug. Whoever falls in love first, loses. Deal?" How the fuck did i remember that. When i was with Teddy, it lasted for about a week. Then he started to love me and now he has some creepy obsession with me.

"Deal. does that mean i can kiss you now?" I nod my head and lean in. He slips his tongue in and he puts his large warm hands up my top. He grabs the hem and lifts it off my shoulders. The kiss quickly changes into a heated make out. I pull his shirt off his chest and see his muscles. Wow, abs, abs, abs. I straddle him and he starts to undo the buttons to my jeans. I here the door open and gasps. Holy Shit!

I look up and see a pair of eyes looking at my chest. "Dude. Can you not. " I say to Curly. I stand up  and look for my top. I see it is on the floor. I bend over to reach it and quickly pull it over my head, slipping my arms through the holes. I button up my jeans and kiss Zayn goodbye. 

"See you later. Remember our deal." I whisper the last part in his ear. I run back down the corridor and down the girls corridor. I run to my room and go straight to sleep. Zayn is literally in my control now.


I wake up with on of the worst headaches i have had in a while. I check the time and see that it is 9:30. Shit i have missed a lesson and a half. I run to my closet and pull out some dark blue jeans and a grey tee with green sleeves and some sneakers. I quickly do my makeup and i just about walk out the door before i realize that i haven't done my hair. I brush through my hair and grab my nerd glassed from my bedside table. I run to my second lesson, Maths.

I walk through the door and everyone stares at me. I look around the class for Sarah. I eventually see her and she sits at the front with Clary. 

"Miss Brown, Why are you late?" My maths teacher, Miss Sykes, shouts.

"I was having sex." I smirk walking up to her desk.

Her face turns beetroot red and she looks like she is about to explode.

"GET TO DETENTION NOW." She screams. I see Sarah and Clary almost crying with laughter.

I walk to the detention room and see multiple students. I look around and find a seat. "Psst." 

I turn around and see Zayn."Are we still up for the deal you made?"

The deal, holy fuck. I completely forgot about it. He will so lose.

"Yeah, it starts now." I say.

 Detention ends and everyone leaves. Zayn and i are the only ones left.

He walks over to me and looks into my eyes. "Hey babe, whats your next class?"

"History." I reply.

"Okay." His phone starts ringing. He pulls it out off his pocket and ignores it.

"Why did you ignore that person?" I say confused.

"I have better people to listen to." I couldn't help but blush.

I turn a corner and walk to my dorm. I look to my left and see Zayn is still by my side. "Haven't you got a lesson?" I ask.

"Yeah, but i'd rather be with you."

"Okay. But you're not allowed to go down the girls corridor." He shrugs.

We ge to my dorm and i see Sarah on her bed listening to music. Why is she not going to class?

"Sare, why are you here?" 

"Free lesson."

I put my Maths book in my draw and grab out my history books. I place them in my bag and turn to leave but Zayn is not by the door. Instead Zayn is looking through my underwear draw.

"Bloody hell Zayn!" I shout, startling Sarah.

"What!" he shouts back.

"Can you not, we have a class to get to."

"Make me." he said holding my underwear above his head. So i couldn't reach it.

I tried jumping up to get the underwear, but his arms are too long. I tried pulling his arm down. Nothing. i push him on my bed and sit on him. I grab my underwear and place them in my draw. 

"Can you get up off me?" Zayn says.

"No." I say turning my body around and place my legs each side of his torso. I try tickling him, but it doesn't work. He flips us over so that he is on top. He starts  tickling me and i start to laugh uncontrollably. 

"S-stop. I-i am going t-to p-pee myself." I laugh.He doesn't stop so i raise my leg and threaten to kick him in the balls if he carries on. He moves from on top of me and walks out the door. I grab my bag from the floor and run down the girls corridor to catch him. 

"What lesson do you have next?" I ask Zayn. "Geography." 

"Fourth thing on the list. Hang with each others friends. Do you wanna hang with mine or i hang around yours?" I rush out fast. Not wanting to get detention again.


"Okay." I say before running like a mad man to History. Miss Wills will be pissed with me.


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