The Announcement

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♧♢Andy POV♢♧

I layed in my bunk just looking at the picture of mine and Jenna's babies and just smiled.

"Hi my angels. Daddy loves you and I can't wait to see you." I whispered and kissed the picture. I smiled when an idea popped in to my head. I took a picture of the picture and posted it on face book and twitter, making sure to tag Jenna in both posts.

So many of you know that I'm dating the most amazing person ever!!! Jenna Purdy and I have just found out that she's a week pregnant with Twins. I'm really excited guys!! Look how cute they are!!

I posted it and set my phone down and drifted off to sleep. Not even an hour later I felt my phone go off amd it was blowing up with over 100 likes and 200 comments on the picture of the babies. I read a few and they most where so amazing others not so much.

"Congratulations I support you both all the way!!!" -Lilly A.

"Thoses are gonna be beautiful babies! You and Jenna are going to be great parents!" - Darren J.

"Holy Jesus Andy!!! My kid has play buddies now!!! Congrats man!" -Ronnie R.

"We're ganna be grandparents Chris! Oh Andy I can't wait until you guys get home! I knew this was going to happen I just knew it!" Amy B.

"You're so lucky she needs you or I would have killed you." -Ashley P.

I laughed at what Ash worte and saw it had 28 likes so I liked it too and kept reading.

"I like Juliet more she's way more prettier then Jenna. Why did you break up with her?" Catty D.

"Do you not remeber the whole thing were Juliet cheated on Andy with some low life gold digging man whore!!" -Darren J.

"Why do you have to be a bitch! Jenna and Andy make a cute couple and if you don't like it or if you don't support them then in the great words of Kellin Quinn, 'if you can't hang then theres the door baby!'." -Tiffy B

"Thank you guys for all the love and support because Jenna and I really appreciate it! And to all you haters out there I don't give a flying rat's ass what you think of MY relationship if you are really fans then you would be happy that I'm happy."-Andy B

I put my phone down and got up to go see if Jenna was awake. I pulled back the curten a little bit and found her fast asleep hugging something. I looked closer and it was an old rag doll with red yarn hair and overalls. It was beautiful in its own way.

"My mom gave her that doll when she was four, her name's Molly. She loves that thing." Ash said behind me. I looked at him before closeing the shade and walking to the front.

"When and were is the next show?" I asked

" 3 days and in Dallas." Ash said and that was the end of that conversation.

♡♢Jenna POV♢♡

I woke up to the obnoxious ring tone of Matt and Carter Singing " Uncle Fucker" from south park.

"Hello?" I asked with my voice still groggy from sleep.

"WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL US?!?!" They both shouted in my ear. I

"What?" I asked.

"When were you going to tell us you're pregnant?!?" Carter asked sounding mad.

"How'd you find out?" I asked confused about every thing.

"Andy tagged you in a picture on facebook. YOU GUYS ARE HAVING TWINS?!?!" Matt yelled.

"Yes we are and please I would like to go to back to sleep." I mumbled rubbing my tired eyes.

"Okay! We love you Jenna! Keep us posted!!!" Matt yelled.

"Will do, love you too guys bye." I said hanging up the phone. I rested my hand on my stomach an smiled. "Daddy just couldn't wait to tell people huh?" I turned on my side and fell back to sleep.

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