October 5, 2014
Calum Hood

When we opened the door, we saw Ashton, dead on the floor with a knife right in his chest. His eyes were wide open and he had one tear still falling down his face. There was a huge puddle of blood around him.

"Who did this?" Michael yelled. Luke appeared in the corner of the hall. "I told you people that you were going to die but you didn't listen! So now, all of you will die one by one. Enjoy your stay, for now." I stared into his pitch black eyes.

That's not Luke, that's somebody else controlling his own soul I thought to myself.

"Michael," I turn over and didn't notice he was on the floor next to Ashton's dead body, crying. I ran over to him.

"Michael, I know what's happening." He looks up to me. "That's not Luke. I mean, it's Luke's soul but he's not controlling it. Someone else is. His eyes, they were pitch black like when Ashton went all nuts. And before when Luke told us to run, his eyes were normal. But when he tried to kill us, they were black. This could be a ghost or worse." I told him looking at him straight in the eyes.

"That's some trippy shit." He sighed running his hands through his faded red hair. "Let's go find the girls before anything happens to them."

"Alli, Miley! Where are you? Please don't be dead like Ashton, please!" Michael whined. "Michael!" Allison came running up to us. "What do you mean Ashton's dead?" She said catching her breath. Michael looked over to me giving me the 'can you say it because if I do I will start crying and hiccuping and won't be able to talk' look.

I sighed and said "Michael and I were locked in a room, the walls were closing in but fortunately, we escaped. But when we opened the door we saw Ashton with a knife in his chest." I turned to Michael who once again, had tears in his eyes.

"Aw, Mikey c'mere." Alli said with her eyes wide open for him to hug her. He didn't hesitate to hug her. I could here his quiet sobs.

"But guys, I lost Miley and I can't find her. Can you help me find her?"

We nodded and started searching every room that was opened. We all were scared when we heard a scream in a room I was in front of.

Luckily the door was unlocked and I opened it. "Miley!" A person turned around.

It was a real person I thought.


on the top/side is a pic of Michael's hair color.

I'm not a mean person, I'm not gonna leave you hanging. Cuz I'm gonna update right after this.

I killed Ashton, I had to kill someone. It's no fun without death. And this book of course will have no sex, no ships, or no romance, maybe malum


And I will update this book more recent like probably once or if I have time, twice a week.

-doreen x

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