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P.O.V Lucy

I can't go back to the guild and face them! but I need my guild mark taken off. No
I'll take it off my self. I grabbed a knife and slowly carefully traced around my guild mark. Blood was everywhere. When I finally finished I dropped my knife and walked to my fireplace. It remind me of Natsu. Natsu.....
Once the fire was burning brightly I placed my cut guild mark which was still attached to my hand in the fire. Burning it.

P.O.V Natsu

I couldn't see her like this!!!! Why??!! I can't watch anymore I climbed down and ran towards the guild. I noticed something wet on my face. Tears.

P.O.V Lucy

Once I burnt my mark it slowly peeled off. I wrote Fairy Tail a letter then I placed my guild mark inside. Its strange, my hand now has a big chunk of meat ripped out in the shape of the Fairy Tail sign. Goodbye Fairy Tail.

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