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After me and Cole talked he fell back to sleep like how does he do it. I looked at the time and it said it was only 7 in the morning so I figured Jeremy  and Derek would be asleep so I went down stairs quietly. I walked in to the living room and turned on the TV and the news went on and I went pale and didn't move because of what I saw.
Today on channel 9 news we are talking about the kidnapping g of Dove goldwin. She was kidnapped 4 months ago and her parents are worried sick if you see her please call this number. She was last seen in her house wearing a blue t shirt and blue plaid shorts. The picture the showed was my recent school picture of me with my hair in a high pony tail and I was wearing my favorite dress but before it ended my parents came on my parents words struck my hard. First was my dad, Dove please if your watching this I just wanted to let you know we are looking for you and we wont, stop until you get back to us in our arms........ (he started to cry) we love you baby girl. My mom in between sobs dear......child we.....miss's a shame that.........your new baby brother hasn't seen y 

Our face yet....I love father.......and your baby brother Gabe....... stay strong. Just like that they were gone my world crashed I had forgotten my mo  was pregnant with a baby boy and I wasn't there for his birth my knees gave away and I hit my head hard on the glass coffee table and it broke. Cole, Jeremy and Derek rushing don't the stairs to see what happen rushing to my side I blacked out. "You need to apologize  too her now." " why should I she got smart with me......." " I don't care apologize now." "Fine" I kept my eyes shut to make it seem like I was sleeping g as Derek walks in and shakes me slightly, I wake up and tense he reassures me he won't hurt me and I calmed down. " look you probably won't forgive me but I was really mad you ran away and I'm sorry I hurt t you okay I'm really sorry." He looked like he meant it "okay........can I go home please."  He just looked at me like I had 8 heads "I'm sorry but you can't and we need to get your head fixed up." I look at the pillow my head was on it was stained with blood. " why can't I go ho e why did you even do this to me I have a new born brother at home my parents need my help I need I need to go see them."  "You can't okay and when you meet my father Julius tomorrow you will understand  why OKAY ." "NO I WANT TO GO HOME I DONT WANT TO MEET YOUR FATHER I WANT MY FATHER MY FAMILY." I off the bed at this point when Cole walks in and I'm about to fall because of blood loss and he catches me ND picks me up. "I  going g to take her down stairs and fix her up okay." "Alright and can you show her her new clothes we got her." "Yes." And we left the room we walked all the way down to the bay sent to this little place they had for injuries and Cole put me down and started stitching up the place I split my head open at. It was silent for a long g time until he broke the silence" okay your all set, you must have Ith the table hard to break it." " yeah well I was kinda shocked." I said it so quietly he probly wouldn't have heard me if it was noisy in the room." "Yeah I can see why.......Dove are you okay I know this is really hard for you." He said sitting down I buryed  my face in his shirt and cried. "Cole I don't understand why it had to be me" "I know but I guess we'll find out tomorrow okay." "Okay." I layed there  in his lap for hours in silence. "Dove I'm not going to let Julius hurt you I don't know why but when I first gained your trust I felt something like this passion that I had be with you Dove I can't believe I'm saying this but I have feelings for you." "Cole I don't know what to say I mean its..." He curs me off " if you like me please say so." "Cole I don't like you I love you from the second I saw you I new I felt something and I know what it is love." He looks at me and his lips met with mine I sat up and deepend the kiss his hands in my hair and my hand in his. We kissed for along time and then he took my hand and walked me up stairs, to his room were we kissed some more our lips moving at the beat of our hearts. I pulled his shirt off with out hesitation and started touching his arms and abs then my shirt came off and I stopped; I wanted to continue but the back of my head hurt and I put my hand behind my head and pulled away to see blood. We put our shirts back on and went back to the I infermery where he looked at my head and said the stiches ripped he put staples in instead. We went back up stairs and he layed me down kissed me on the cheek and we went to sleep.

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