Chapter 2

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It had been a few days. Somehow, during one of my breaks, I had managed to put my bag straps around my wings so I could still fly, but have full use of my hands.

Soon I saw the outermost wall of the city come into view. Wall Maria, if I remembered right.

I flew adjacent to the wall, looking for the town of Shiganshina; that I always came to on my visits. Coming to a halt in my flight, I steadied myself and took in what was now Shiganshina. The only thing I saw in its place was destruction.

Titans of all sizes littered the streets. Houses that I once walked across, reduced to dust and worst of all, there was the bodily fluids of those who were caught by the titans splattered across walls and roads.

Thinking of the one person who I stayed with while here; I sliced through the air looking for his house. I settled onto the roof of a house that wasn't entirely broken and looked around for my friend's house.

My friend, Drake, was the only person who didn't care that I had wings and thick skin. He became my friend after I first came here. I stayed with him after I told him I didn't have a house here.

*Flash Back - 3 years before the present*

So much noise

I jolted up. Why was there so much noise this far into the forest? There wasn't anything that the titans could get to here. I looked around the interior of my small house of the trees. Shaking my head I swung my legs over the edge of my bed. There was still a lot of noise outside; why was that? I rubbed my face and reluctantly got up. I stretched out, my wings spreading out to their full length. I walked to one of the openings in the tree cabin and looked out, still wondering what the noises were but more wanting to know what time of day it was. It was raining. I tich'd under my breath. I would have to figure out the time by looking at the shadows. Not that it was that hard, it was my specialty, but I liked it when I could easily see the sun and figure it out that way.

I walked to a corner of my house. There were no windows near it to light it up so it was much darker than any other part of the house. I rested my hand on a small table that was tucked into the corner. A dark smoke slowly wrapped itself around my wrist; then slowly enveloped my hand. I lifted it, still covered in black smoke, and moved to the window. I pointing my palm towards the truck of the tree and the smoke shot from my arm and onto the tree. It wrapped around the whole trunk then receded onto one side of it. The smoke only darkened the shadows that were already there. It was close to eleven o'clock. I rubbed my eyes as the smoke slowly evaporated.

The noise stopped. I walked to the opening that was my door and stepped out onto the small platform I had built there. The black tank-top and tight grey knee-length shorts I wore were soaked as soon as I stepped out of my door, but I didn't care, I could dry them after the storm passed.

I closed my eyes and listened closely; blocking out the roaring of the wind and the pounding of the rain, I listened for any sound of titans walking, or anything walking for that matter. I heard it, there was the pounding of titans running, but there was something underneath it. I listened closer. There was a buzzing noise and horses running. My eyes widened in terror. There were people! No wonder the titans were drawn into the forest. There were other people probably coming here for cover.

I ran back into my house grabbing my sword. Its blade was as black as the shadows and more deadly than any other. I turned around and ran back out onto the platform but didn't stop. I dove right off, clipping the sheath of my sword onto my shorts; my wings opened wide lifting me back into the air as I flew after the stomping of hooves.

I caught up to the titans quickly, even with the wind.

My eyes narrowed as I whispered quietly, "15 meter," I looked at the 15, "13 meter," my gaze shifted to the 13, "17 meter." My eyes settled on the 17. I grinned, "You're first!" I yelled above the roaring wind. My wings lifted me high above the titan. I had no idea how so many large titans were able to get into the forest but I didn't care, right now, they just needed to not live anymore. I dove; my wings spreading at the last second and letting me carve a neat chuck out of the titan's neck.

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