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Theres a time and the place to die.......


"Hang in there two forty-eight. I'll get us out." I heard a faint hum by my ear. A sign that shes still alive. I had her on my back making my way down the hall as quickly as I could cutting corners, pretty much guessing my way out.

"You bitch!" I heard from behind. Al was far from me but his voice echoed to me faster than I'd like. I then saw others pushing around gathered at a small set of steps that I recognized as the entrance from inside the barn.

"Move! Hurry!" I commanded trying to push through. I saw they had been struggling with the hatch. "Let me." I reached for the handle and tried pushing up only for it not to move. "Bastards!" They locked the remaining of us in. I set 248 down on a step and charged at the door once more. It bounced a little but not enough to open.

"Ha HAA!" I heard Al. I turned back to see him charging from around the corner to the hall we were on. "You're not going anywhere!" A grin formed on his freshly beat up face. I turned back to the door when I heard a loud bang on it.

"In here!" I heard faintly. Billie?

"You're not leaving here alive!" I heard Al say.

"Wanna bet!?" I said without a glance back. The door started to creak open and I helped push it up. It swung back and I saw Billies face along with a few cops standing over me. "Billie!" I yelled with a smile.

"Violet!" He was just as happy. He reached down to help me out but as soon as I reached.


My eyes widened as Blood splattered across Billie's arm and chest. My ears faded out and started to ring. For a second the left side of my chest was numb and my arm fell limp. I started slowly falling forward and down.

"NOOOOO!" I faintly heard from Billie. Arms caught me and I heard the faint sound of gunfire as I got light headed. I felt a pull and yelling before I finally blacked out completely.

-45 Minutes Before-

"Don't worry.. Your friends wont get to far. My men will stop them before they even get to the wood line." Al laughed a bit. I sat chained to a chair staring. 248 was handcuffed to a pole not too far from me. "Those kids may be good at fighting but they're no match for good ol metal play." He lifted his gun looking it over smiling. I tightened my eyes. Please Billie.. make it out alive... I can never forgive myself for what I put him in. My head fell low as I tried not to cry.

"I'm so sorry Billie." I mumbled to myself trying not to cry.

"Whats that?" Al asked stepping closer. I then felt him tangle his fingers in my hair.

"Ahh!" I screamed in pain as he jerked my head back by a few strands. My scalp felt it was on fire.

"Speak bitch!"

"I said I'm Sorry!" I yelled out crying. He let loose of my hair and backhanded me right across the face. I didn't yell though. The pain in my head hurt far more. I've taken many beating's in my life so sadly I was used to it. He stepped to 248 and she flinched balling up in fear the closer he got. He just laughed.

"Whats wrong sweet heart?" He bent down to her level. She turned her face from him but he grabbed her face pulling it to his. "Oh don't go being scared now honey." I looked to see him put his gun in the holster only to remove his knife next to it. As soon as she saw it she started whimpering and trying to pull from him. He had a strong grip though. "Don't worry this isn't for you."

"Let her GO!" I yelled out. He then pulled her face to his smashing his lips into hers. She let out a moan in disgust and he released her standing, smiling. "You perverted sick bastard!" he only laughed as he moved behind me. He stood behind me then bent resting his arms on my shoulders. I could feel his hot breath on my left ear. He wrapped his right arm across my neck lightly then let his left arm hang in front of my with the knife. The sight of it made me flinch.

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