iNSaNITY 1- Strings attached to the voice

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Curled up, tied down, placed in this room yet again. Laying down for eternity hopeing to be released. like a caged bird with wings held within the iron bars, im held within the room again.


It doesnt seem to work. These walls wont ever break down. Forever to keep its prisoners held in.
Wires cover my chest and align my head as my arms and legs stay straped down to the bed.

"This has been a very frequent thing for you now, Serenity. I thought you wouldve learned the rules by now." the cruel flapjack circled me, a vultar sesrching for prey thats what he is. The sole purpose he had was to cure me. Yet the evil bastard kept me here.
I was innocent, i think. Mummy, Daddy, and Jace were all crazy not me. Th-they were the ones who tainted me.

Deep in thought i didn't notice what the vultur had told me until I learned what it was myself. Pain went through my body at first before a flaming sensation broke through and it felt like every inch of me was being peeled off. it starts at the feet, to the legs, up the stomach, then the chest. Wrapping and working its way up. these methods of cure werent much held.
Like floating on air

No...please stop, not again. I can't hold on anymore.

A carefree life

Just make it go away!

An illusion that cant end

It wont ever be over.

Unable to run away

Please save me

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