February 3rd

1040 Fifth Avenue

There came a knock at the door, and Clint entered the apartment. "Clint!" Caroline and John squeaked as they ran to him. "Hey you two" he grinned as he embraced them. Jackie came over and watched laughing. When Clint noticed, he went up to her and they embraced before kissing. Caroline and John watched on giggling before they ran off to their rooms. 

Jackie helped Clint move the final boxes into his room before heading along to see her children, letting him unpack. She found them in Caroline's bedroom sitting talking before she entered. 

"Kids" Jackie hesitated. "What do you think of Clint?" Jackie asked. They smiled before expressing how much they liked him. 

"But..." Caroline paused. Jackie was curious at what she had to say. "I like him and all but will he replace daddy?". 

Jackie froze. "What are you talking about Caroline?" Jackie asked. 

"Will you get married?" Caroline asked. Jackie shrugged her shoulders. 

"I don't know. It depends on whether Clint wants me to be his wife or not" Jackie said, taking her children's hands. "But even if we do, he will never, never replace daddy" Jackie exclaimed. 

"But daddy won't be married to you anymore" John said. Jackie sighed, smiling weakly before continuing. "No, daddy won't be married to me anymore but he will forever be my first husband, and I'll go down in history as daddy's wife" Jackie explained to her children. Caroline smiled. 

"And no matter what, he'll forever be your daddy" Jackie said looking at each of her children. "And you should be honoured to say what an inspiring, promising and intelligent man your father was. And even though he may not be remembered for it, but I will forever admire his bravery and courage. Not in the war or anything, but against politicans and people he was against" Jackie spoke to her children. 

They had never heard their mother speak like that to them before. "I love you mummy" Caroline quietly sobbed, she didn't feel the pain of those words as much as John did. "I love you too mummy" John sniffed, a small tear trickling down his cheek. Jackie embraced her children and kissed both of them.

"I love you children. But you must also remember, even when he's not here, your daddy loves you too". 

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