Percy, Leo, and I walked into the woods. I lead the way and they followed me. We tip-toed and stoped when we herd groaning. I looked up and there they were, Reyna had her legs wrapped around Nico. "OH shi-" Leo yelled but Percy covered Leo's mouth. "Bro, calm down. Here, have some Nutella" Percy handed Leo Nutella. "But I dont want Nutella". "Eat the Nutella". "I really dont want Nutella". "Eat the NUTELLA". Then, Leo had some Nutella. 

"Guys Shhh. You dont want them to hear us!" I whispered, loudly. "That is hot! Am I right?" Leo asked. I herd footsteps behind us and turned around. The figure standing in front of us was mad, it was Annabeth. "Annabeth! What are you doing here?" Percy asked. "No! The question is: What are you perverts doing here?!" Annabeth whispered, loudly. "Alright jeez! We'll leave!"


Reyna hoped off of me and I pushed her aganist the tree. I was kissing her neck now leaveing love bites everywhere. I went back to her lips, but she turned away. She grabed my shoulders and spinned me around to where I was against the tree this time. "My turn" She says. "Your so mean" I groaned.

She went down my neck. She kept doing this until we herd footsteps. She stoped and looked around. "We should get going. That's probably the harpies." She says. "Awwww. Five More Minutes, please" I whinned. More footsteps. "I Guess Not." I said as I grabbed her hand and took her to my cabin.

I grabbed Reyna and laid her on my bed. "Where were we?" I asked as I was heading towards her neck. I laid on top of her and wrapped my arms around her. She tried to wriggle out but failed. "There is no escaping me, Preator". I said as I was sucking her neck. "Stop teasing me" she groaned.

Gods she is hot. I grabed her butt and she gasped. Soon our tounges were dancing with each other. She took off my shirt. "Your sneaky" I say and she giggles. Gods that giggle is such a turn on. Her small hands start moving up and down my body. "I'm tired" She says. "Good night, sweet heart". I tell her as I tuck her in my bed to sleep. I laid down besides her. I was stroking her hair. "I love you" I say. "I love you too" She answers. Once my face hit my pillow, I blacked out.

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