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I've known my whole life that my parents were going to marry me off when I got old enough. They've never kept that secret from me. Practically reminding me every two months whenever they came around for one of their anual visits. So when they announced it on my nineteenth birthday, I was less than surprised.

My grandmothers have always hated that about my parents. Grandma Lil (otherwise known as Lilian), gives her daughter (my mother) a lecture everytime they see each other. My mother doesn't like visiting her very often any more. Nana Char (also known as Charis) likes to smack my father on the head. He's become very good at dodging those over the years. So Nan Char has become more sneaky.

Due to the fact that my parents are both very busy business owners, I don't see them much. When I turned three my parents careers took off and I was left at home with my grandmothers. They raised me along side the nanny and maids until I was ten, then they decided to travel the world together because of all the money their children were making.

They became best friends while they raised me. Believe it or not, they hated each other when my parents first married. But then they dumped me at a boarding school for young girls in France and those were the worst eight years of my life.

I had to wait until I turned eighteen before I could come back to California and go to college where I wanted.

I see my grandmothers less often than my parents, but that's because usually I have to go and visit them. Its not difficult to hop on a plane to go and meet them, its just the fact that I hate travelling and I'm trying to work for my parents and go to school at the same time.

My parents come and visit me every two to three months to check up on my work. It only takes them a day or two to do that because they are proud of the way they 'rasied' me to be smart enough to do my job correctly. Yea right. I had to learn that all on my own.

My grandmothers I visit probably twice a year. Once at Christmas time and again once during the summer. My parents actually see my grandmothers more than any of them see me. Its really frustrating sometimes, but I've gotten used to the constant work I'm always doing.

Sometimes I hope that my life will get easier when I get out of college, but it won't. Eventaully my parents will want to retire completely and pass the buisness onto me. That is much sooner than I hope. the only catch is, they want me to be married to a man who will work just as hard as me in keeping up the business. Maybe even have a business of his own.

There is only one man who fit they're expectations and never in a million years would I ever want to marry this man or even have a conversation with him. He might be good at his business but he's not good as a person.

Jayden Hinton is a tool and a prick and he only does anything for attention from the press and I never want any of that.

Yes, sure, I'm pretty famous too. But I'm not famous for the people I sleep with and the people I hang around with in clubs. I don't even go to clubs. Nor have I slept with anyone if I'm being completely honest with you.

Not even his friends are people I want to ever have to deal with. Rider Chanley, the most absolute player you have ever met. He'll get in any girls pants if he can, and he's way worse with sleeping with girls than Jayden is. Alec Downs, the most innocent of the group, but he still has his fair share. He's the quiet innocent one of the group, you'd think. But no, he's the one who drinks till he passes out.

Then there's Jayden's sister and her friends. Iris Hinton is the sluttiest girl you'd ever meet. I saw her from afar once and it was terrible. I could see her lace thong through her thin skirt and I was almost a block away. Roxi Shea is her right hand man, or whatever. Also very slutty, but is more into chicks than anything. Saffron Bright is that girl who is so desperate she acts drunk at parties but really isn't. Her Instagram is possibly the worst I've ever seen.

All of them are total sluts (yes the guys too) and take their parent's money for granted all the time.

Now do you see why I don't want anywhere near them? Even just standing in the same room as them I might vomit or something along those lines. They're terrible human beings and I don't see why my parents would want me to marry someone even along the same lines as Jayden Hinton.

This arrangement will ruin my life.

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