Journal Entry .5

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Rin's Pov)

Sanei came into my room wearing her new outfit and gear. She really wanted to go show the guys . I can't say that I didn't want to either so I got dressed and we headed off. The guys always spend today training. Sanei looked so pretty if only ma could see us. Her in her lime green long sleeved shirt with a trecko on it and short shorts. Her sleeves hid her brass knuckles and her whip matched her combat boots. I looked in the mirror and was shocked I loved not having clothes with holes. My vest matched my blue streaks and my leather pants made me look hot. I was ready and with Sanei by my side nothing could stop us. I gathered my new sword and shurikens and we raced off. "Rin do you think the guys will recognize us?" I heard my sister ask. "I guess we will see."

-Back at the Community Training Grounds-

The sounds of shurikens hitting the trees could be heard miles away. Clank!Clanl!BULLSEYE! The score was tied. "Hey guys can we join?" Rin tried to get their attention. No one seemed to even bother looking. Hmph* Rin was about to kick all their asses including Nightshade's, but then Sanei did something not even her sister could've predicted. Whip* then one by one except for Trecko's shuriken hit the ground. "Now Trecky is the winner. Can you all pay attention for 5 seconds now?"

(Trecko's POV)
The least I could say was that I was shocked, no we all were. I turned around and then I saw her she was beautiful and deadly. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Thanks to her I won, me and more Importantly she can talk.

"Well congrats mate that puts you in the lead by two." Shadow wriggled his eyebrows at me and mouthed a "Damn they look good." I held back a laugh.
"Well nows your chance guys get to it." Brin crossed his arms in waiting. "Uhhhh....h-h-ey Sane I uhm like the new outfit." I managed to say. She was now focused on me and nothing could make me more nervous.

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