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There is nothing more contagious than the shivering cold , fear provides in human veins..The skipping of a heart beat and the goosebumps that rise the hair from bottom to top.
The lack of oxygen from my failing lungs . The wide open eyes with a diluted pupil that froze from what I have seen..
Maybe I never faced that before,the feeling of dying.
It was past midnight and I was on the dark alley of a German Town, far away from my home in London.. Far from anything I ever knew.
The street was empty and cold,still shinning with drops of water from the moon's pale reflection . I saw something in the corner of the street and all my blood drain from my cheeks ,leaving them pale and frozen.
My feet stumbled and I crashed into a wall,sliding down. I felt a breeze and then a pair of warm hands grabbed the collar of my coat and lifted me up.
He ease the tight grip , and for a moment stared into my eyes, his figure was lifeless, yet i knew he was alive..somehow.. I close my eyes and felt a tear falling down my cheek , hid hand grabbed my hand and fastened into the night...

Heii ^^ soo.. This part is like a sample to the book itself.. But I feel like no one will bother to read it.. Still.. If anyone ever asks me to continue I will (>^w^<) ...

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