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The first year of schooling wasn't bad so far a few other girls started wearing wolf ears though. I was so jealous and I could tell I wasn't the only one. Why did the older rich girls get to stay in their houses and live with their family!?

Some 3rd quarters can be a real pain in the ass. They are forbidden to talk to us thank Kami for that, but even so they grace us with their presence to gloat on their latest fashions. I grew suspicious of as to why we are seperated.

They never took them off they were always there. We were almost at the end of new moon and my sister and I were fed up with the nightwatcher's sh!t. After everything they put us through this year we made a pack to rid the world of them someday. After a hard day of training we went straight to bed.

Sanei's POV

After training Rin crashed onto the couch. She looked so peaceful and I was pretty tired myself so I joined her. I curled up next to her and drifted off into deep sleep. I was in the forest next to the grounds. "Sane Sane where are you? I saw you run this way." I could hear his familiar voice echo throughout the woods 9 miles from our house. His soothing deep voice almost distracted me Almost.

My tail swayed back and forth as I prowled low in the underbrush. He hasn't seen or heard me yet, but my keen eyes and ears could sense him miles away. I was always able to tell when he was around even without them. I stalked up behind him and snuck closer. What was he doing out here anyways. Why look for me? He started to give up and headed for the lake. I kept my distance and followed him. I was curious and no doubt he'll talk to himself. He always did when he thought no one was watching.

"Stupid stupid Trec your a real dumbass you know that. Why would you ever think she'd agree to it. Hell she ran away even before you even asked!" He threw a rock far out into the lake and sat down under a shady tree. It was a nice day out its never cold in the village even in winter. I was intrigued what did he mean? I perched myself up in the tree he was sitting under. He was doing something with his notebook. He looked upset you could practically see the anger seep from him. Was he mad at me? I ran away from him before Rin had come to tease me anymore. He was drawing? Since when could he draw? I have never even seen him pick up a notebook. I didn't think he even owned one.

I gave upon trying to see what it was despite my efforts. He angrily slammed it shut on the ground and stood up. He took off his hoodie and threw it behind him. Next was his tank top and as soon as he took it off I felt a blush on my cheeks. I'd never even seen him take off his hoodie it was unheard of. It was just something unnatural like his body. His contours and muscles made me whimper I tried to cover my mouth. Too late was my last thought..

I startled him he brushed it off and I did a silent sigh. Or so I thought. He quickly grabbed his bow. I did a sign and a puppy appeared next to me I told him to play cute and distract him. I put him down and he did just that. I climbed down silently now was my chance I got it my stance and put my hands even low on the ground. Wait for it wait for it NOW!

I jumped ontop of him he fell to the ground with me ontop of him and I remembered he was shirtless. Oh god what have I got myself into. I couldn't help but to stare. I blushed bright red when he looked into my eyes and I saw a full blown smirk on his face.

"Like what you see Sane? You could have just asked instead of jumping me im sure we could have arranged something." He winked at me and I began to stutter as I quickly fidgeted to get up. He grabbed my arm before I could bolt. "Aww no you don't. I've been looking everywhere for you." I was caught and I knew it at least if I die from embarrassment I'll die happy. Hehe ♡

"How long exactly have you been following me?" He asked nervously. I debated my chances of escape. As if he read my mind "your not leaving until we talk Sane." Then I realized that he still hadn't put his hoodie on. "Not long but if you want to talk put yoir shirt on." I lied but bit back my disappointment as he did so.

"Fine. Tell me why you ran away." I panicked I didn't want to tell the truth so I settled for part of it. "I saw Rin." I tried not to sound suspicions. "Oh. I thought you were running away from me. " He looked at the ground like it could save his life. "No I couldn't ever run from you my little Trecky." The thoughts escaped without warning and I instantly regreted them.

"Oh really now?!" He stepped closer "Since when am I 'YOUR LITTLE TRECKY?' " he put air quotes around my words. (_ _) I couldn't bear looking him in the eyes. "Since just now........?" I asked hopefully. " Well since I am yours why don't we make it official go to the full moon dance with me?" Is that what he wanted to ask me? Uhm can I get a Hell yeah!!!? " I couldn't move or speak from shock though I mumbled something unintelligible.

"Can I take that as a No?" I shot back to earth when I heard him say no and saw the disappointment hidden in his eyes. I don't know if it was a burst of unexplainable courage or me being bipolar but I just pulled him to me and kissed him. He was shocked but then shock turned into something else. I fell onto the ground and felt my head hit something.

"Huh what was that!!!!!? " I screamed the next thing I knew I was awake lying in my livingroom floor.

"Morning Sis" I looked up at my attacker who was none other than my sister. "Rinnnn!!!!!!!" I screamed chasing her down the hallway.

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