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DAMMIT! That really hurt me. I had to hang up. I went straight to sleep. I texted her real quick. "Do you still love me?" Then I went to sleep. I miss her style and, when she came, that was the first time I smiled. Well, I was in soccer when I was 17, I got hit in the stomach by the ball so hard, I blacked out into a deep sleep. I woke up and never smiled. I feel fast asleep

I woke up this morning to birds chirping and sun shining in my face. I saw my brother laying on the couch and I smiled. I almost forgot about Calum. It was a week already and tomorrow is time for school. I was worried about Calum and it was getting on my nerve. What if he got a girlfriend? What if he doesn't like me? What am I talking about? I might like.. okay, I still love him. I never loved a guy, he was ju...just different. SH*t!, I feel my life is a love story. He's so cute with those brown perfect eyes, fluffy hair, and shining smile. He's just so perfect and amazing. SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! GOD! Uh!

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