Chapter 3

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I was happy that winter break was coming soon. Dad and I always to New York for Christmas and New Years. I can't wait to see the crowded Time Square again.

"Mistress, you father is home."

"Ok got it."

I will admit it, I'm daddy's little girl and I'm spoiled. I'm an only child. I have friends, but usually they like me for my money and somewhat popularity. I only have two real friends. Luke and Bella. They are the absolute best. I also have Kyle. Bella's older brother, but most of the time, he's a real pain in the ass. Bella says we're dating because neither of us have boyfriends. We do things like when she kisses me on the cheek or hug me from behind. Luke is like a brother, an older bro who gives good advice. He's cute yeah with the nice brown eyes but it would be so weird to date him. Kyle... is like a pet. I only hang out with him because he's Bella's brother. All the girls at school are in love with him. I seriously don't see it at all. The blue eyes? The black hair? The cute face and his smile? Oh yeah he IS cute. But he's a jerk. He's also Luke's best friend. I ran towards the door to greet my dad.

"Sup dad!" I say as I wrap my arms around his waist.

"Hey sweetheart, you behave in school today? Did you do your homework?"

"Yikes dad, so many questions. Very little time to respond." I joke and he smiles. Thing I love about my dad. His smile is always so warm. He makes me happy. I don't have a mom and I'm perfectly fine with that.

"Are you busy tonight pops?" He swoops me up.

"Nope. Just you and me kiddo. What do you want to do?" I grin.

" I don't know. But I wanna spend time together."

"Well today IS game night. Your uncle and aunt are coming over. However, if you want you can invite your friends and find out if they want to come over." I jump in his arms.

"YES! Can we order pizza too?" I know I'm rich but I really do like a good pizza from Papa Johns on game night. Besides it gives the chefs a day off.

"Yeah sure thing." He calls Ramsley over.

"Ramsley can you get pizza for Keira, her friends, my brother and his wife and I?" I love when my dad talks so formally in front of the servants. It's funny and weird hearing him talk like that.

"Certainly sir." Ramsley says and leaves to get the pizza.

"Ok I'll go call Bella, Luke and the moron." My dad knows my relationship with Kyle. Sad fact for me though: he likes Kyle and finds him to be a good guy. I always scoff at that.

On my way to my room I always hear the maids say "Good evening Mistress" , "How are you young Mistress" and the most common one "Mistress is there something you need?". Love the servants, hate the 20 questions. Once I reach my room I call up Bella. After several rings, the girl finally answers.

"Hey Key!"

"Hey Bells, wanna come over? Game night."

"Oh yeah sure I'm down. Can I bring Kyle?" I sigh.

"Yeah why not?" I say sarcastically.

"Babe I know you guys don't like each other, but you gotta get along."

"Yeah yeah, yeesh just pick up Luke too okay?"

"Yeah sure. See ya then."

I hang up and go down stairs to see my aunt and uncle.

"Hey squirt. How you doing?"

"Hi sweetheart."

My uncle is named Benny. Classy I know. I call him "uncle B" for short. He's kinda on the crazy side, but he makes me laugh. Dad told me when I was a baby, I would stop crying when my uncle made me laugh when he wasn't there. Dad says I would also stop crying when he held me and I would go closer to his chest. It really is a nice memory. My aunt is Olivia. She's so beautiful. She's kinda like my mother-figure. She gave me "the talk" when I was 10 and explained to me what to do when I first got my period. She taught me how to walk in heels (which I still find to be torture devices because seriously I hate them) , to put on make-up (which I also hate) and basically be girly. She also taught me how to keep my mane in tact. They go run off to see the football game with my dad.

"HAVE FUN!" I say.

"KEIRA!!!" Did I mention my little cousin Leelah?

"Hey kid what you up too? Acting like an angel again?"

My little cousin is adorable. She has black hair and greenish-yellow pair of eyes with light freckles over her nose. She always likes to wear her white strappy sandals and a flowy dress with a bow that's most likely bigger than her fist. She pulls off the angel look completely.

"Nah, not today. I heard Kyle and Luke are coming over." Oh yeah forgot, she has a crush on them.

I laugh. "You do know their older than you by like 7 years? Right?"

"So what I'm 8? Beyonce and Jay-Z have an age difference!"

I roll my eyes and go answer the door to see Kyle, Bella and Luke."


"Your house is starting to look smaller. Think you'll survive?" Kyle snorts.

" I still have no idea what my dad sees in you. Moron"

"Anyways, Game Night right?" Bella says.

Bella always looks beautiful. She always has on mascara that brings out her lashes and her hair is in an up-do. What I love about her though is that she wears appropriate attire anywhere. Most girls will wear five inch stilettos to a carnival but Bella isn't stupid and would wear sneakers. Since we're indoors, she's wearing sandals. She has pretty brown eyes and does either a smokey eye or a sweet and light eyeshadow. My dad says she's a good influence to me and contrast my tom-boy persona to her girly persona. Luke likes looking like a badass and wears a leather jacket with jeans that are appropriate and not too tight with black converse and a polo which I find hilarious. I notice Kyle has brown combat boots with jeans and a flannel. Red-neck style in some way, but he can pull it off. We go inside and smell the aroma of deep-dish pizza. Yay! Bella studies me up and down.

"Seriously I need to give you some fashion advice Kit. (Nickname ftw) I love you but you should be more confident in your self."

"That's nice Bella but she loves those tees to much. But I'm sure you'll find a way." My dad says.

" DAD!" I complain.

"Thanks Mr.Lockwood." She says.

I didn't see what was wrong with my outfit. I had a tee-shirt that said "Fall-Out Boy" and cargo pants with socks on.

"I do like the shirt though." Luke intervenes. LIFE SAVER.

My head turns to Bella. "You see? I'm fine, Luke agrees." She raises a brow and gives me a sexy look.

"Your right, it is hot."

I snort. "Perv."

How can you not like a friend like that?

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