Chapter 4: Stolen first kiss

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"I was speaking to Avery. " He said . His voice dangerously low. I looked over at Avery in shock and saw that he was scared shitless. Damn now I feel bad for the guy.


Ashton's POV

What the hell is going on. Why is Mr. Sexy.(Aka, Dominique or Dom). Protecting me and not his friend? I mean I don't mind not getting hit by him, but don't friends come first?

"Avery. I fucking asked you a question." Dom said snapping me out of my thoughts. And even though I wanted to say 'language', I knew when to hold my tongue.

" I can handle it myself, so don't butt in." I said. Damn I hate myself right now. "I'm seri—

Dom moved his gaze to me and glared,  making me shut up.

Seeming satisfied with my answer, Dom turned back to meet Avery's fear-filled eyes. "As I asked. Why the hell did you do that Avery." He spat.

If I wasn't any more stupid I was now. "Dom...I said I was okay. " I piped up.

His hardened features went soft and he turned—facing me with a smirk plastered across his lips. "Did you just call me...Dom?"  He asked with humor apparent in his voice.

I froze upon realizing my choice of words.

"Never mind that...j-just let him g-go. " I continued

His smirk just grew wider as he approached me with a slight swagger in his steps. "Nuh-uh-uh... I heard you clearly Ashy."

Ashy? Who does he take me for? A girl? "Well if you heard then why'd you ask!" I snapped back at him. "And don't call me Ashy."

"Well...I like the way you said my name

...a little sexy. Don't you think?" He continued. "Ashy."

Something in me just snapped. "Who the hell do yo—" I yelled. But got cut off my something soft against my lips.

Realizing he was kissing me, I froze.  He then licked my lips, asking for entrance. I was hesitant at first, but slowly opened my mouth. He took the chance and dove his tongue inside, licking, tasting everywhere in my mouth.

I don't know why but I started to move my lips against his. It slowly heated up as we fought for dominance. I gave up soon and let him take over. Enjoying the warmth of his lips on mine.

As my pants started to get tight. You know what I mean. He quickly let go, leaving me wanting more. I whined in protest as he chuckled.

He turned back to Avery. " I'll deal with you later Avery." He said in a harsh tone

"And I'll see you later...Ashy."

With that he just left. Leaving me dumbfounded. Why the hell did I kiss him?  OMG I kissed him!!!


Hope you like the story'(*∩_∩*)′

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