Chapter Five: Immature

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"Hey, can you sneak out tonight? Maybe around 10:30ish." Cassidy asks me at my locker.

"What's the occasion?"

"Gareth's cousin found a way to make us fake ID's. We can get into any club!" she says enthusiastically.

"I'll try," I stammer hesitantly.

"Don't try. Do." she warns. She spins on her heels and strides toward her first period.

Venice appears at my side, "Hey, did you talk to Ricky?"

"Uh yeah...he's totally into you." I say as my eyes dart here and there.

"But I thought he was straight?"

I choke on my thoughts, uncertain of whether or not I should run away or tell the truth. My instincts tangle up and I attempt to do both. Thank God Ricky came to my side. Or maybe not.

"Hey Snow," he says to me. He gives Venice a look up and down, "Venice."

I look at Venice, he looks at Ricky with admiration. Who wouldn't? Ricky was pretty attractive, what with his blond hair naturally in straight locks across his forehead, his bright blue eyes gleam in the artificial lighting, and his smile exposes dimples that hide deep within his cheeks when he doesn't smile. He furrows his thick eyebrows that he obviously plucks, they're shaped so well.

"Hey Ricky, um..." I glance up at him and then at Venice. I know deep inside of me that Venice wants me to leave so him and Ricky can talk, but Ricky wants me to stay so I won't leave him alone with the 'gay kid.'

As the twin sister of a guy who has been by my side through thick and thin, I must abide by his intentions. Of course I want him to be happy, and if being alone with Ricky will put the smile on his face that only comes around once in a lifetime, then so be it. "Ricky, how about you talk to my brother. I have to go do something, I will be right back." I slowly slide away. I turn back and look over my shoulder at Venice, he's smiling and giggling at something Ricky said, and he catches my eye and mouths, thank you.



It's close to 10:30, and I tap my foot with anxiety. Mom and Dad are still up watching television, maybe they won't hear me. I open the window, frigid air strikes my face with a harsh blow. I pull my black hoodie up to cover part of my face. I kick the screen lining out with a pop, and carefully climb out.

My bike sits against the wall on the side of the house, I take it and walk along the dark street with it at my side. The soft buzz of the pedals rings before I step onto the pedals, and I pedal quickly over to Gareth's house.

"Thank God. I was wondering where you were." Cassidy invites me in, Gareth sits on a black bean bag playing some Xbox game. "You up for a game of Halo?"

"Sure, but what about the-"

"Shh!" Gareth proclaims, his eyes don't leave the screen. Gareth isn't your average good looking guy. He has some pretty bad acne that dots across his face, seriously, you could play connect the dots and probably be able to draw a pretty accurate unicorn...or a Twinkie. He used to have light red hair, but he died it black and now it settles in straight strands across his forehead. His teeth are bitter and yellow, his clothes are hairy from his cats and he constantly smells of cigarette smoke. He has a piercing on his nose, both eyebrows, bottom lip, and his nipples...don't ask how I know that. He also has four-inch gages. He's strange, a bit too strange for my taste, but he's Cassidy's boyfriend. He even puts tin foil over his teeth to replace grills.

Cassidy on the other hand, has the potential to be pretty but she does every possible thing she can to avoid it. She wears thick, black makeup such as myself. And her hair is long and black, a big bang swoops across her forehead. Her nose is soft and pointy, she also has very thin and feminine lips. She's anorexic, so she's super skinny as well.

I plop onto a bean bag next to Gareth, his living room is a mess. Of course he lives with his father, who is some big time motor cycle guy who doesn't know a thing about hygiene. His mother is in jail for committing murder to their neighbors...that's why there's a 'For Sale' sign I the yard. I take the other Xbox remote and start playing with Gareth. I'm a Spartan and he's an Alien. We're both kicking ass as The Flood attacks us left and right. "Is this the campaign version?"

"Yeah," Gareth answers monotonically. Behind me, Cassidy plays with my brown hair. I've always hated it.

"You need to dye your hair." she insists.

"I know, but my parents are dickheads."

Gareth chuckles at my comment, either he genuinely thinks it's funny, or he feels a form of pity for me that he has to laugh.

"Gareth!" a raspy voice booms from the kitchen. In waltz's a man, about 6'3, he has long blond hair that is ratty and a sort of mess that looks like a bush over his forehead, Joe Dirt style, facial hair is uneven and greasy like his hair, he wears what used to be a white tank top, but now it's just yellow with use, stains from who knows what are all over it. His jeans are tattered and worn, white paint in some places. His boots are probably the only sanitary thing he's wearing. He has a big old pot belly, the yellow tank top acts as a crop top on him with the massive stomach. His name is Kevin, Gareth's father. "I'm gonna, breahhhh, head out. M'kay?" he burps. He holds a can of beer in his hand as he opens another one on his way out the door.

"Fine," Gareth replies, still concentrated on the game.

When Kevin leaves, Cassidy decides to get a little frisky with her boyfriend. She sits on the couch behind him, wrapping her legs around his waist and running her hands up and down his chest. He cracks a half smile as she does this, but his sight never leaves the game. Cassidy moves from behind him to in front of him, she opens her legs and sits on his lap, no, plops onto his lap. He let's out an oomph as she wraps her arms around him and hugs him, but her large breasts are in his face. The game ends and he turns his face into her breasts and shouts, "Motorboat!" he then shakes his head rapidly into her chest. I laugh histarically. For a very skinny white girl, Cassidy also has a very large butt. And she always wears leggings just for Gareth. She puffs her butt out, and as Gareth is finished with the motorboating thing, he rests his chin on her shoulders and stares at her butt. Just under Cassidy's privates, something rises from Gareth's pants. Cassidy moans sadistically. I hop from my seat and leave.


You pace back and forth, wondering where in the world Snow can be. Thomas rages with anger and his face is red. He has made several attempts already to go and look for her. But you know that won't end well, and knowing him, at his angry state right now it won't do him any good if he's behind the wheel.

You and Thomas both hear a noise from upstairs. You sprint up the steps, into Snow's room. She hops from the window and looks at you, a face of embarrassment flushes over her. "I can explain..."

"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?!" Thomas screams.
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