The white snow blinded the group but they quickly recovered and found, a sparkling pond of clear water. "So we did it?" Anne-Marie asked glancing around like small trails of blood might be left lying around.

"Appears so." Rory said nudging some snow into the water. It was already beginning to freeze over. The Doctor got down onto the snowy ground and licked it.

"Doctor!" Amy protested.

"Yup that's water!" He exclaimed popping up and seeming pretty pleased with himself.

"Well couldn't you have gotten yourself a glass?" Amy asked as she watched him brush the snow off his clothes. The Doctor arched an eyebrow at her questioningly.

"Where's the fun in that?" He asked. Amy scoffed and shook her head. Rory and Anne-Marie smiled and laughed nearby. That's when they were bombarded with military personal and scientists. They all stared at the pool in awe. "Told you I would fix it!" The Doctor said happily. "Now come you three let's let these scientists figure out what to do next." The Doctor slapped the sides of the Tardis.

"Wait! Doctor!" Some of them cried out as him and his three companions stepped into the Tardis and disappeared.

"Doctor what about our things?" Rory asked.

"We'll get them. Have to drop off our coats don't we?" The Doctor questioend gesturing to what they were all wearing.

"Right." Rory said, shrugging out of the jacket.

A quick stop at what had been Amy and Rory's room on the base and they were back in their hometown sometime in the middle of the night.

"Don't be a stranger Doctor." Amy said as he showed the tow of them out.

"Of course not!" The Doctor exclaimed pulling her into a big hug. "My Ponds." He smiled happily, clipping Rory on the shoulder before hugging him as well.

"You take care of yourself Doctor." Rory said patting his back. The Doctor nodded as they let go.

"Bye Anne-Marie!" Amy shouted into the Tardis. Rory waved, laughing at Amy.

"Goodbye Amy, Rory!" Anne-Marie replied waving as well. The Doctor smiled, stepping back into the Tardis as he closed the door. Anne-Marie was already at the controls ready to pilot themselves back to her time.

"All set?" The Doctor questioned standing next to her.

"No thanks to you." She joked sending the Tardis into the vortex. The Doctor laughed as he ran around the side of the console to help her.

"Let's just get you back before those eggs burn!"

"Technically not burnt." Anne-Marie said holding the pan to his face.

"Technically? There's scorch marks!" The Doctor exclaimed.

"Yes, they're scorched not burnt." Anne-Marie said with a laugh before throwing away the eggs, shaking her head. "What a waste." She said more to herself than him. "So Doctor, taking off now?" Anne-Marie asked him, changing the subject.

"I can stay a bit if you'd like." The Doctor said with a smile. Anne-Marie shrugged.

"Tests to study for, more eggs to scramble. I'll be okay." Anne-Marie smiled at him as she opened her arms, ready for a hug.the Doctor stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her, burying his head in her shoulder. "I'll miss you." Anne-Marie told him, rubbing his back. "Come back soon." She said pulling back a wide smile on her face.

"Always." The Doctor said with a nod. Then, instinctively, the Doctor kissed her. His brain finally caught up with his thought process and he realized Anne-Marie hadn't kissed him yet. The Doctor pulled back quickly, holding her at arms length.

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