Chapter 2

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Sebastian POV --

"Mr.Flores! They need you in the front." The teacher exclaimed. I replied with an ok, knowing it would be about my parents upcoming divorce. You see, my mother thought it would be more comforting if I had someone to help me through it, but she didn't understand I was fine with it. I grabbed my book bag and headed into the hallway thanking The Lord that no one else was in the hallways. I pull my phone out to check out my comments for my youtube channel, smiling at a comment I read. I was about to reply, when out of no where I was on my bum. Sitting, I looked up and saw the girl from fourth period. She was still lying on the ground, and her eyes darted to mine. I stood up and started to collect my things. "Umm are you o- I'm sorry I'm so clumsy, I should've been look-" she began to ramble on, as I lifted her up under the shoulder, (she was about 2 more inches shorter than me) and I grabbed her stuff and handed it to her. As she kept apologizing, I slip my hand down her upper arm and she froze, and looked into my eyes. I couldn't help but feel weird in the pit of my stomach. "it's alright, neither of us were looking. Both partys' fault, agreed?" I smirked, reassuring her I was completely okay. I stared at her, as a rosey pink suddenly arose, filling her cheeks " I should be off then. It was nice meeting you Sebastian. I'm sorry about running into you. I'll see you around I guess... Bye. " I waved bye to her, and started walking off. 

"Bout' time you got here, Sebastian. I started to think you got yourself lost." Ms.Jen laughed. She went on about how I need to see her every 2nd week on a Thursday after lunch, and how I should join clubs to make more friends. She talked about my future. How she sees that after one more year of high school I'm off to Juilliard with a scholarship. How I felt about my parents splitting after that, I left and went off to lunch. 

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