I smelt smoke. I dashed up the steps, not caring about the smoke but only thought about Ryker's things. There was no way in hell that I would let my baby boy's things slip between the cracks when he was already gone.  That was the last thing that I had from him. I grabbed as much stuff as I could but it wasn't enough. I needed someone else! suddenly I heard the door slam shut and my name called. It shouted 'Mariah!' I knew immediately that Coen was home early. 'Coen? Coen come quick I need help getting Ryker's things! Please!' He didn't come. Whenever I needed him he didn't come! 'Coen please! I need you' I doubt he even flinched hearing me call him.  I knelt down out of panic.

Fact: Coen isn't coming

Fact: I'm going to lose Ryker forever

Fiction: My neighbors are coming to help

Who knows, maybe someone is calling the cops.

I stood up "Coen!' I was crying now. I could tell I did not look appealing. I ran back into Ryker's old room. I placed everything I had in my hands onto his main sheet. I grabbed more stuff. I strategically placed everything that would fit into the blanket. Anything my hands touched. I threw the blanket full of things over my back, ran out of the room. Behind me I heard the fire roar to life, it must have caught the bed on fire. Coen was standing there aimlessly. I screamed at him, "MOVE" I swore after that day my throat would have left packing. As soon as we got out I fell to the floor seeing what I grabbed in the blind. I broke down, the teddy bear that I had found was still in that house. My house, on the bed. Coen came up to me and rubbed the back of his neck. "I.. I started the fire. before I left. It was my fault I...I'm sorry." I just stared at him. He went on to explain. " I lit a candle on his counter top, I thought that would help you to realize that I liked your son." I walked away unsure what I was gong to do. Coen sold his house and moved in with me. I quit my job when Ryker was born and have been unemployed ever since. Coen gets just enough for us to get the needed things. I was dazed, and right then and there I decided to take a long drive, by myself. After all, I needed it.

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