District 2 female: Pierce Aravelle

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Owner Name- AmandaShadowhunter

Tribute name- Pierce Aravelle

Age- 16

District- 2

Gender- Female

Personality- Pierce is certainly a strange one. Maybe it's a result of being raised in a district of killers, or maybe it's just because it makes people accept her, and respect her. She has always had tons of friends, she's funny, maybe even crazy, in a sort of sadistically-adorable way. She's definitely not under any one else's control. She's unpredictable; a wild card. Joking around one minute and stabbing you the next, Pierce is not one to be messed with.

Description- Pierce is average height, perhaps even a bit on the short side. She keeps her platinum blonde hair shoulder length, because it's easier to deal with. She doesn't care much about appearances.  She has strange gold-brown eyes, a family trademark. She is small and thin, but strong. Very strong, from a life of training. She has a small face and pouty lips, giving her an innocent appearance to those who don't know her insane personality.

Family- Ahren, Jet, Jaspar, and Slate, are her four older brothers, aged 19, 20, 22, and 23. Flint and Talon both died in previous games. Her parents are Abrella and Klark, both high up in District two. Klark is usually dispatched on Peacekeeper business, along with Slate and Jaspar.  Abrella teaches at the academy. She won a previous Hunger Games, but strangely enough, does not speak much of it to Pierce.

Volunteer- Yes.

Why- Because it was her birthright. She was raised for it.

Alliance- She will be a career, because she has to, but she doesn't even know if she will let them live longer than a day or not. Like afore said, she's unpredictable. Likely, a single word from a victim could change their fate.

Weapon of choice- Knives, but she can kill with practically anything.

Backstory-  Pierce has 4 older brothers, she used to have 6, but two were lost to the games. Her family is high-standing in District Two, and they always get first dibs at volunteering. Pierce started at the Academy early, where she learned she had a knack for poisons. She knows them all, from ones that give mild stomach-aches, to ones that kill you in seconds, melting you from the inside-out. But, poison is never a garuntee in the Games, so her parents also forced her to take up knife fighting. She turned out to be a natural. Along with that, she was taught the basics of hand-to-hand combat, and other things a peacekeeper in training must know. She isn't extreme about winning though, or super determined like most other twos. No, Pierce has always been very laid back about the games, as if there was no way she could possibly lose. She was raised being trained for this.

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