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i used to belive that the soul was an organ in the body

this was before i had a phone

this was before i had a computer

i knew it wasn't among parts like a liver or the stomach

but i knew it was among our brians and our hearts

i never saw a picture of a soul 

but i knew everyone had a different looking soul

some bad

some good

someone people have bad lungs

some people have good lungs

same for souls

my soul was purple

a little bit bruised

but still beautiful

and i thought that hearts looked like the kind i'd see on valentines day

i thought that my heart looked just like that

and i didn't know that it symoblozed half a heart

and i had to wait until i was allowed to have a whole one

it was unfair

but i did my waiting

and somwhere between the chaos and the truth

i found you.

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