My Past Crushes

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Yep, already getting into the personal stuff. 

This question was PM'ed to me, in case you all must know.

Okay, here goes nothing.

I've had a lot of crushes in my life, but here are my most realistic crushes I've ever had.

I think my first crush was in kindergarten. His name was Noah, and he was really really really really adorable. I swear, he was like 'little kitten snuggling with a puppy' cute. But I got over him fast after he told me that my legs were too long and I looked weird....Yeah, kindergarten was a bad year for me.

My second crush was most likely in second grade, maybe third, I can't remember which. But his name was Cole, and he was one of the fastest runners I had ever met in my entire life.Sure, he was shorter than me by an entire foot, but he was really nice. What he didn't have in height he made up for with his big heart. But all the other girls in my grade liked him, too, so I gave up on that little fantasy just as fast as the previous one.

My third crush was in fifth grade and his name was Gunnar. I don't really remember why I liked him because he was actually really really mean to me. My mom said it was because he was jealous that I was the tallest person in my grade at that time.

My last realistic crush was in sixth grade, and that kind of worked out for me. His name was Aidan and we dated for a while, if you can even call being 'boyfriend and girlfriend' a real relationship when you're only twelve. It lasted about a month, though. Is it sad that that's the longest relationship I've ever had?

But right now I don't really have any realistic crushes anymore because all the guys at my school are jerks. 

Now onto my unrealistic crushes.

I have a ginormous crush on Mikey Murphy. In case you have no idea who that is, he's a youtuber. And he's absolutely adorable. I also think that Luke Korns is pretty cute, too. I guess you could say I have a thing for youtubers. 

I've also met some nice guys right here on Wattpad, but, like I said before, these are unrealistic crushes. ('Unrealistic' means 'most likely never going to happen in a life time' in this case.)

And that's my tragic love life for you guys.

But now it's your turn. If you feel comfortable enough, let me know about your tragic love lives or if they're fortunately untragic.

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