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Let's exchange phone numbers. I was mortified that I said it so nonchalantly. Then again, I've never asked to exchange to exchange phone numbers with anyone else, so I don't really know how these things work. "Exchange phone numbers? Sure! Let me see your..." His black hair flopped onto his eyes. He took my phone from me and began tapping away. Without looking, he held out his phone. I took it silently, doing the same. "Done! We can officially text each other." Akihiko said lamely. I nodded, offering a small thank you. I handed his phone back, avoiding eye contact. He immediately put it in his bag, smiling. What? I made a move to get my phone, but something heavy knocked into me. "Misa." A calm voice called out. "I told you to stopt tackling me, Sango." I sighed, trying to.push her off me. How annoying. "I see you still wear shorts." She commented, getting up. My face started to turn red, so I yanked my skirt down. Akihiko extended his hand towards me. Looking at it cynically, I  shook my head, and wobbled to my feet. I felt so light headed that I almost fell again. "Akihiko-kun, this is Sango Ikihara, my cousin." I said, putting my hand my forehead. Breathe slowly and focus on standing. "You must be Misa's boyfriend. Nice to meet you." Sango said in a monotone voice, bowing. Her long, pink pigtails bounced slightly, whereas her two big ponytail's drooped down, almost touching the ground.

Even though it was still Autumn, she was wearing a tea green scarf around her neck, along with longer knee socks. I found it strange, but didnt say anything. I stiffened, closing my eyes. "He's not my boyfriend, Sango. He's just a acquaintance of mine." When I opened them, two pink orbs were staring at me, eyebrows raised. She held a blank expression on her face."Okay. Whatever you say." Her back turned away from me, probably surveying the school like she usually does. I cast a apologetic look to Akihiko, who shrugged. "I can't wait to shorten my skirt next year. Misa, why don't you shorten yours?" Sango said, unfazed. "Er, Sango. Let's not talk about that now." I said, blushing a little. After a awkward pause, Akihiko spoke up. "Well, I should get going. Text me if you get the time,...ah, actually I'll text you.  See yah." He swung his bag over his shoulder, and walked off in the other direction. "Sango, you can stop the act now. You change your personality with everyone you meet. Be lucky that I play along with you." I said, exasperated. She turned around slowly, a devilish grin smirk cascading down her face. "But people are always too stupid to notice." Her harsh dialect didn't surprise me. She only showed her true self to me, which was perplexing, but I never questioned her. I always thought maybe it was because all she had were three  brothers, and no sisters. "Hey, let's drop by my house real quick, so we can dump our bags there. Mom and Dad also want to see you." She grabbed my arm, pulling me along. After about ten minutes of walking, Sango proclaimed, "This is boring." Now for our usual routine. "Why do you keep changing hairstyles? It looks bad with all those knotted ponytails. Also, you need to stop trying to make your hair a lighter shade of pink. It was fine the way it was before you dyed it." We always played this little game called 'point out someone's flaws'. It was quite fun. "Why do you speak in such a bored way? It sounds like you're constipated and a idiot. Plus, you don't talk to anyone, which kind of aggravates me." Sango said this every time we played. Always in that same nagging tone of voice. "You shouldn't be talking. Because your such a brat about persona, no one likes you." She despised when I pointed out the obvious. "Shut up! I know that! But there's plenty of fresh meat here for me to trick, you know, since this is a school that no one in my year wants to attend. I heard the entrance exam nearly impossible." She clasped her hands behind her head, sighing. "What do you think I should act like when I get home? Ditzy, loud, annoying, oblivious, ect,. Anything." She had a mischievous smile perched on her face. "Hmm...Aoirin hates it when you do the 'bad sister' act. It's amusing to see him react." Sango had two older brothers and one younger brother. Their ages ranged from 19 to 13. "Oooh Misa, Misa! Look!" She pointed at a small cafe right next to her street. The entire section had shops going all the way up to the park "Let's go there today! It doesn't look too crowded." The cafe served cute, little cookies with black tea. But, you could also get something more normal, like a burger. "Sounds good. Are you going to make Nobuko come with us?" Nobuko is the second oldest brother, who is in my year. "Hell no. I'll make Masaru tag along. He just turned thirteen, so it'll be like a late birthday gift. But, now that mention it, it,'ll be pretty fun to have all my brothers tag along." Masaru is the youngest brother, the most problematic of them all. Just as we turned on the corner, Sango's phone started ringing. She took it out of her jacket and inspected the number. "Ah! It's Nobuko-nii! I'm almost home anyways, so I'll ignore him." She declined the call and pocketed her phone again. "Can you spend the night tonight? I have some sake stashed in my closet that we can drink." Sango lowered her voice. "I got my boyfriend to buy it." I gave her a skeptical look. "How old is this boyfriend of yours? Actually, you're a little young to have a boyfriend, aren't you?" Sango was only fifteen. That's too young to even consider dating. "He's eighteen, as a matter-of-fact. Don't tell my parents, okay?" That's all she said about him before we turned into her driveway. I'll always regret not pressing her on the subject. I saw one of the curtains flutter in the downstairs window. Nobuko, probably. Seconds later the flung open, and out raced Nobuko. He flew across the lawn and crushed Sango in a hug.  He quickly pulled back and exclaimed, "Sango-chan, you didn't answer my call! I called to ask and see if I could come with you guys today." His bleached, peacock blue hair hung in waves around his eyes. Sango gave me a quick wink. "Nobuko-nii, I hate you. I'd rather have Masaru come with us. That is, unless you can get Aoirin-nii-chan to come with us. Then we can all go." Brash and blunt. This was her personal favorite character. Nobuko looked like he was about to start crying, and not the sad kind of tears. "This is a indirect invitation from Sango-chan! I'll drag Nii-sama from his room if have to!" He barely glanced my way before waltzing back through the doorway. How inconsiderate.  "Let's put our bags in my room, okay?" Sango once again took hold of my arm and lead me inside. "I'm home, mother. I brought Misa with me." She said respectfully to her mom, who was in the kitchen. A woman with dark pink hair and glasses came out, wiping her hands on a apron. "Welcome home, Sango. It's nice for you to drop by, Misa." She smiled at me with cold eyes. "How are you doing?" There was a    certain warmth in her voice that only a mother could have. "I'm doing good, Aunt    Nanako." I said plainly, avoiding eye contact. "That's lovely to hear," There was screaming and a sound of a struggle coming from upstairs, "Hold that thought, dear." Aunt Nanako turned her attention to the stairwell, glaring. "BOYS, GET DOWN HERE. NOW! YOU TOO, MASARU!" She added. In a matter of seconds, all three boys were standing on the stairwell, looking sheepish. "I didn't do anything, Mother! These two hooligans attacked me!" A young adult with reddish-pink hair exclaimed. Aoirin. "Sango-chan said if I can get Aoirin-nii-sama to go, then I could go too!" The brat. "I was forced to help. Not my fault." A kid with hazel hair said, a bored look dominating his face. Masaru. "Sango, Misa, go upstairs. Please." Aunt Nanako said, her gaze flitting to us. "Okay. Let's go, Misa." Sango pushed past her brothers on the stairs, muttering "idiots" to them. I followed in suit, sending a scowl at Nobuko. Once we were in her room, Sango closed the door with a pissed off expression. "Those twits! They didn't even say hello to you!" She tossed her bag to the side, whereas I set mine down properly. I dug around for my phone, closing my hand around it when it was found.

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